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Top 7 Questions Our Service Techs are Asked About Printers & Copiers

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Our service technicians are asked a variety of questions in the field every day, but there are some that come up more frequently than others. So, we’ve gathered a list of those our Managed Print techs are asked most often about printers and copiers, along with their expert answers. 

1. How do I get hold of you if I have hardware or software issues? 

There are several ways to contact our service technicians, including the online Client Portal, via telephone at 800.333.5905, or through our Contact Us page.

Each machine also has a sticker with a list of phone numbers to call. Since all our technicians have the latest hardware and software certifications available and receive training on every device we sell through our Technology and Logistics Center (TLC), you can be assured that the technician who arrives at your door will be able to quickly identify and correct any issues.

2. How do I get the meter readings?

Because we use tools like FMAudit and Canon’s ImageWARE Remote, you likely won’t need to perform meter readings. With secure, one-way communication, we’re able to obtain the data we need for accurate billing and, with ImageWARE, we’re also able to view the lifespan and use of a machine’s parts to proactively address any potential problems before they occur—preventing potential interruptions and minimizing downtime and costs.

To obtain meter readings for other reasons, specific directions are dependent upon the machine. Reach out to our call center or technical support – we can easily walk you through the process and/or connect remotely. 

3. How do I know if the machine is low on toner?

No need to worry about measuring toner on your own, as your machine will notify you when it’s running low. And changing the toner upon notification is similar to changing a car’s oil before it’s due; you can wait a little while longer with no harm done. Your copier can still make about 2,000 copies after the “low toner” status is first displayed.

4. Can I order supplies on the web?

Yes! You can order supplies for your machine online through our Client Portal, in addition to making a service call request. The “Client Tools” tab on our website has a variety of resources — including access to the Client Portal, recycling services information, online bill pay and a link to order supplies. If you don’t have a Client Portal account, contact us at einfo-help@gflesch.com for registration assistance.

5. How long will my machine last? Is it time for a new one?

Without having a specific device model in mind, it’s a tough question to answer. Generally, machines last about seven years from manufacture date. Because technology is changing at such a rapid pace, parts made by the manufacturer may become limited and harder to come by after that time. With that said, we’ll service machines that are as old as 10 years or more — we’ve seen machines working fine on year 12 and 13; lifespans can vary and are dependent upon a variety of factors.

6. How do I add email addresses to my machine? How about fax numbers? 

These directions vary based on which machine you use, but one call to a Digital Support Specialist (DSS) can provide you with specific step-by-step instructions, or allow a DSS to connect remotely.

7. When should I call for preventative maintenance on my machine? 

Our technicians treat every call as a complete call where, in addition to the service request, they perform preventative maintenance and machine cleaning. With our First Call Efficiency, our technicians are graded on the amount of time until the next machine’s service call, meaning you will never have a Band-Aid solution — fixing one problem but possibly ignoring several others. We want to make sure our techs can provide a lasting solution the first time, not over several visits.

Have more questions about your equipment and how a Managed Print program can save time, headaches, money and more? Start realizing its benefits by reaching out to Gordon Flesch for a free, no obligation consultation today.

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