Managed Print Case Study: Batteries Plus Bulbs

by Gordon Flesch Company, on 05/29/2020


Batteries Plus was founded in 1988 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 2013, the company changed its name to Batteries Plus Bulbs and now offers nearly 60,000 batteries and light bulbs, as well as phone-repair services at their We Fix It Repair Centers. Based in Hartland, WI, the company has hundreds of franchises across the country.


Before working with GFC, Batteries Plus Bulbs relied on inexpensive printers around its facility for printing invoices and shipping documents. However, these machines broke down often and needed to be replaced. In addition, Batteries Plus was spending too much on toner, paper and supplies. GFC suggested installing more robust printers that could be maintained and monitored through GFC’s imageCARE Managed Print Service.


In 2009, GFC installed the UniFLOW output management software and more robust multi-function printers. Batteries Plus also tested a system to add badge readers for controlling access and tracking user activity. “GFC asked a lot of questions and made sure we had the right printers in the right places,” says Jason Thelen, Infrastructure Architect for Batteries Plus Bulbs. “GFC’s project management team had people available to handle a smooth roll-out.”


Batteries Plus Bulbs is now saving over $25,000 per year on toner, supplies and repair and has seen greatly improved productivity. With Just-in-Time service, GFC tracks usage and new toner is delivered on time and to the right place. In addition, Thelen adopted access cards for all multi-function devices, which has slashed the number of abandoned print jobs. “GFC delivered new Lexmark printers, which are durable workhorses,” says Thelen. “We’ve had no issues in months, employee satisfaction is better and we have lower overhead for the whole warehouse environment.”



“With the GFC solution, I almost don’t have to get involved in managing our printers at all. I can just trust that the machines will be working and supplies will be there when we need them.” — Jason Thelen
Infrastructure Architect, Batteries Plus Bulbs

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