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In 1974 we created our own in-house financing division which allowed us to give our customers the flexibility to do what’s right for their businesses. Why lease? Because it helps conserve capital, provides a hedge against inflation, and reduces your risk of equipment obsolescence. GFC Leasing currently services more than 8,500 leases on a variety of business assets, from printers, telephone systems, and computers to network equipment, software, and manufacturing equipment. If the asset is critical to your business operations, contact us to see if leasing makes sense for your business.


Customer Solutions

Our flexible lease terms are designed to match the specific needs of your business. Learn more about the terms, variety of assets eligible for leasing and our commitment to outstanding customer service. 


Vendor Solutions

Businesses who partner with GFC Leasing benefit from our commitment to delivering an outstanding experience to our common customer. GFC Leasing recognizes and understands the trust vendors place in us to deal fairly with the customer. 

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