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Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses – as it should be.

While many organizations and IT departments are vigilant about securing their computer networks, some overlook print security vulnerabilities.

Today’s multifunction printers and copiers are sophisticated devices that interface with (and can therefore be vulnerable to) networks, cloud computing programs, mobile devices, IoT technology and more. That’s why we proactively deploy enterprise-level print security that protects you and your organization against cyber threats and other potentially harmful activities.

Our goal as your partner is to inform you of valuable information related to print security best practices, potential threats and solutions that will enhance your organization's overall security. We take this responsibility seriously, and keep a vigilant eye on the practices of our manufacturer partners and customers alike to ensure that, as a team, we’re doing everything in our power to safeguard your systems.

5 Steps to Printer Security

Learn the five steps to keeping your networks secure with our Cybersecurity for Printers infographic guide.

Cybersecurity for your printer.

Current Printer Security Bulletins

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The GFC Approach to

Printer Security

Gordon Flesch Company leverages the highest level of print security software, protocols and professionals in the industry, helping to ensure your systems stay safe from cyber criminals and internal threats.


Remote Monitoring

We leverage powerful central management tools to remotely monitor printers and multifunction devices designed to help detect, address and prevent external threats.


Print Management Software

GFC deploys internal security tools in combination with the highest-rated print management software available to protect your print environment, including PaperCut, uniFLOW, FMAudit and others. These technologies also enable robust reporting capabilities for compliance.


User Authentication

Cyber threats aren’t the only security risks. We’ll help you protect documents and data from ending up in the wrong hands with pull printing, badge readers, PINs, passwords and/or two-factor authentication.


GFC Security Council

Our internal Security Council consists of GFC print professionals and IT security experts from our Managed IT partner, Elevity. We consistently collaborate to develop security incident response plans and stay on top of emerging security risks.


Proper Print Protocols

GFC can develop a print security strategy in alignment with your needs to help address firmware updates, print policies and best practices. We’ll also ensure old devices are wiped clean of data and disposed of properly.


In-House Leasing Program

Many might not consider their payment plan when thinking about security, but GFC’s convenient in-house financing helps ensure proper end-of-life procedures for equipment. Third-party institutions likely won’t wipe machines clean when the lease is up or when it’s time to replace them.

Checklist for office printers document

Office Printer Checklist

Use our print audit checklist to help identify vulnerabilities in your print environment.


Print Security For

Regulated Industries

Industries like healthcare, education, finance and the government have numerous printer security compliance requirements. IT administrators for regulated industries are required to keep data secure, private, accurate and reliable in accordance with the following regulations:

Gordon Flesch Company’s print security specialists can help ensure compliance with these and other federal regulations with our comprehensive Managed Print Services.

Quick Guide to Print Security

Understand why print security is so important, how it works, and what to expect when implementing an endpoint security strategy.

Quick guide to print security document

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