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Technology Designed TO

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The experts at Gordon Flesch Company design solutions “from the ground up” by assessing your specific needs and goals and identifying the most effective ways to help you succeed. Every solution is part of a technology roadmap – a go-forward strategy that anticipates future needs and outlines the most practical plan, including ongoing support and industry-leading service.

Find your industry below to learn how we solve the unique challenges – and opportunities – you face each day.



The Gordon Flesch Company works with more than 4,000 educational institutions and we’re ready to help yours. From K-12 school districts to colleges and universities, we help improve workflows and collaboration, ensure information security, and help reduce waste and overhead costs.

Every recommendation is a practical, cost-effective solution customized to meet each school’s specific needs and budget.

  • Improve Record Safety And Confidentiality — Create secure, electronic versions of paper files with Enterprise Content Management
  • Streamline Billing And Payments — Easy billing or card scanning systems make printing simple and efficient while managing costs for a single department or an entire campus
  • Reduce Paper Waste — Route print jobs to available, budget-friendly printers to eliminate waste while printing quickly, efficiently, and confidentially
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"I’ve dealt with Gordon Flesch for over 35 years. From their sales team, machine techs, and Accounts Receivable staff, I’ve received nothing but the best.They are the reason I’ve made the Chemistry Copier Center a Canon copier-only operation. I’m retiring soon and will greatly miss them all and know that it was them who helped make my copy center the great operation that it is now." Bruce Goldade
Copy Center Manager, The University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry
"GFC has been a great partner to help with our needs on campus. They are quick to reply to us when we have issues or questions, and always work for the best solution." John Meyer
IT Director, Wisconsin Lutheran College
"It’s always been excellent customer service, well-spoken communicators, fast delivery, never any issues." Administrative Director
Educational Institution



Some of the largest and most respected companies in the region partner with the Gordon Flesch Company to ensure the ongoing efficiency, security, and productivity of their operations. We help enterprise-level organizations solve a wide range of challenges with simple, cost-effective solutions that Improve data security and compliance, optimize workflows, minimize downtime, and execute green initiatives.

Many companies also rely on our Onsite Services to execute tasks like conference room management, mailroom distribution, procurement, reception, and help desk services, and more to reduce overhead and improve productivity.

Products Services
"Great company to work with. They listen to our needs and recommend products that meet those needs and our budget." Engineering Director
Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company
"I believe that they provide great solutions and build a relationship with their customers to understand their business needs." Michael Sachs
IT Manager, Miron Constrauction Co. Inc.
"Easy to place orders online. Select the equipment, see what you can order, tell them how many – Very easy." Andy Abare
IT Manager, Yusa Corporation



Banks, accounting firms, credit unions, wealth management organizations, and financial institutions of all sizes come to us to help them minimize costs while improving both security and compliance.

Thousands of financial institution customers rely on us to help them solve every day challenges with innovative software and hardware solutions.

  • Recapture Time and Resources — A phased approach to introducing new multifunction devices along with an Output Management strategy often pays for itself over time with improved efficiencies and reduced cost
  • Track and Manage Client Records — An Enterprise Content Management system allows your employees to better serve customers through an electronic repository with permissions-based access to protect confidential information
  • Improve Security And Compliance — Protect printed, stored, and scanned data from an external network breach or virus and from employees who share networks

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"Everyone was very professional and communication was exceptional. Didn't matter if it was communication about a delay or time of arrival, it was always timely and much appreciated." CFO
Small Business Banking Company
"When we were first looking at getting a new printer company they were very quick and kind. And when we need refills on ink or need to put in an order for repair, it is very easy to call in." Financial Director
State & Local Government



Thoughtfully designed technology solutions help hospitals and clinics of all sizes improve patient confidentiality and, ultimately, patient care.

From major hospital systems to independent clinics, our technology experts work with more than 3,000 health care organizations and provide a customized set of solutions based on each organization’s specific needs.

  • Ensure Patient Confidentiality — An Enterprise Content Management system helps eliminate paper systems with permissions-based electronic folders. Printed documents can include a card scanning system to ensure they don’t end up in the wrong hands
  • Improve Patient Care — When staff doesn’t have to spend as much time on administrative tasks, printer issues, and searching for files, they can spend more time caring for patients

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"When we were first looking at getting a new printer company they were very quick and kind. And when we need refills on ink or need to put in an order for repair, it is very easy to call in." Operations Manager
Small Business Healthcare Company
"Their promptness and quality service have been consistent through the years." Douglas Argue



We work with nearly 800 organizations in the insurance industry, from large insurance carriers to the offices of insurance agents, brokers, and services. Our technology experts implement innovative, customized solutions that increase security, improve workflows, and create payment and billing systems maximized for efficiency.

  • Improve Compliance — Ensure confidentiality of client information by creating paperless files and improving HIPAA compliance and other industry regulations
  • Improve Workflows — Multifunction devices help reduce the number of machines and interfaces
Products Services
"Consistent local support has been great over the years. Ease of use for submitting copy counts and bill pay. Service people are prompt and helpful." Business Operations
Small Business Professional Services Company
"Very responsive to service issues, quick to reply on contract questions and equipment changes." System Administrator
Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company



Our technology experts improve workflows, document security, billing, and cost-efficiency for law offices of all sizes — more than 1,800 of them, in fact. We help improve collaboration while minimizing redundancies and waste; we help them stay in compliance with information security laws; and we provide Managed IT services so they can focus on their work — not technology management. Every firm gets a customized set of solutions that best meets its specific needs.

  • Accurate and Efficient System for Bill Backs — The right combination of Output Management along with printers or multifunction devices can make cost recovery simple and accurate
  • Address Growing IT Needs — IT services are delivered by reliable, trained professionals to help firms improve security and uptime with server and computer management, mobile device support, and more
  • Eliminate Waste and Redundancies — Law firms save substantial time and money using Enterprise Content Management solutions to help reduce waste, improve collaboration and increase security and compliance

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"Gordon Flesch Company is my favorite vendor that I use for our firm. The individuals I work with are always incredibly knowledgeable, can help me with our needs for every single one of our branches all across the United States, and after using them for 6+ years I have never had a single complaint." Brandon Boeck
IT Manager, Matthiesen, Wickert, Lehrer, S.C.
"The technicians and support team are very knowledgeable and responsive to inquiries and issues." Human Resources Manager
Small Business Legal Company



Hundreds of manufacturing companies in a variety of industries, from small job shops to industrial equipment manufacturers, benefit from a partnership with the Gordon Flesch Company. Most are looking for ways to improve workflows and enhance customer service, and we solve those challenges with customized solutions like document management systems. These systems quickly and conveniently store and retrieve data and eliminate the expense and frustration of managing paper documents.

Our solutions are developed with the goal of making it possible for you to create products faster and more profitably, to save time and money, and to eliminate customer (and employee) frustration.

Products Services

"Mostly because of our sales rep who keeps in touch, answers questions clearly, and is very personable. We’ve also had good support from the service department and when there was a problem with billing, from the account manager. It’s all about the people!" Assistant Manager
Federal Government
"The staff at Gordon Flesch Company have always been professional, friendly, and helpful when needed. The staff was very accommodating while assisting us during the transition of our reduction in force and selecting our company services and plan." Administrative Director
Small Business Industrial Manufacturing

Non-profit Orginization


When serving our more than 1,800 nonprofits, our technology experts implement innovative, customized solutions optimized for each organization. These solutions have many benefits, from making these organizations more cost-efficient to managing technology needs so they have the most up-to-date technology.

Non-profit organizations leverage our deep expertise and practical solutions to optimize workflows, improve collaboration and reduce waste. We take care of the implementation, maintenance, and financial solutions for each plan, so you can focus your time, money, and energy on generating awareness for your cause and fulfilling your mission.

Products Services

"Always very customer oriented, easy to communicate with and timely in their responses." Lori Kline
Administrative Director, Geist Christian Church
"Knowledgeable and timely in responding back to our original request as well as if an item needs to be “fixed”. Understand that our unit working properly is of the utmost importance" Lori Kline
Administrative Director, Geist Christian Church

Production Print


We’ve implemented innovative solutions for more than 500 production print customers, from in-house corporate print production departments to independently owned print shops. The result is more efficient operations, fewer costly bottlenecks, more effective billing, and improved revenue streams.

  • Create Revenue Opportunities — There are a number of solutions that help drive greater revenue, from the latest in printers and multifunction devices to Output Management systems that optimize billing and cost management processes
  • Improve Project Management — New hardware and software integration technologies help reduce bottlenecks, increase uptime and streamline job scheduling, job prioritization, equipment, and supplies management

Products Services

"We have personally had a great experience and were even willing to pay more this last go round to get a higher quality of tech support." Donna Erickson
Owner, Alisun Business Printing
"The onsite technicians are great. They always take the time to go over what they did and let me know anything I can do to keep the machine running at top levels." Andy Tomkins
Owner, Midwest Printing & Bindery LLC

Small-Medium Business


Small businesses are the backbone of many communities. We help even the smallest organizations improve collaboration, minimize waste, and improve billing processes with cost-effective, customized solutions.

SMBs have pressing needs that don’t require a full-time staff member, but are critical to ongoing operations nonetheless. Our team can provide those services — and save you money in the process. For example, our Managed IT experts can eliminate the need to hire a full-time technology specialist. You won’t have to increase payroll and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your IT is secure and up-to-date.

Products Services
"The service and support is great. I enjoy working with every employee from Sales to support. Gordon Flesch Company products and services are a great value." Jason Thelen
Infrastructure and Security Manager, BatteriesPlus LLC
"This is a great company. Everyone is very responsive when we need supplies or service on equipment or a quote for new equipment." Administrative Director
State & Local Government
"I appreciated the fact that when I called it was answered by a “live” person and the process of ordering toner was much easier than pushing buttons." Controller
Small Business Consumer Services Company