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Considering how rapidly technology changes, it’s no wonder you’re finding it hard to keep your company’s systems (and your people) operating at peak performance. Our experienced consultants work with you to design and deploy a customized technology strategy tailored to your unique needs and budget. We’ll do what we do best so you and your employees can focus on what you do best and get back to the business at hand.

Managed Print Services


It usually happens right before that big presentation or important meeting… paper jams, cryptic error codes, waiting, waiting and more waiting. And no matter how many buttons you push, your documents stay stuck in cyberspace. Printer problems aren’t just frustrating; they can really put a damper on your business and cost you money.

Improve productivity, streamline workflows, enhance security and reduce costs with optimized printing technology. And, like many businesses we work with, you might even be able to reduce your fleet. Sound like a plan?

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Managed Voice Services


Managed Voice Services enables your team to be flexible and responsive in today's "work from anywhere" environment. Our all-in-one communications solutions bring your coworkers and customers together with voice, fax, email, chat, instant messaging, video conferencing and more.

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Managed IT Services


Hardware. Software. Cloudware. Ransomware. There’s a lot to be“ware” of when it comes to technology. If you’re not an IT whiz or your IT department is drowning in everyday tasks, you might be missing out on critical updates, losing productivity and exposing your business to unnecessary risks.

Elevity, a division of Gordon Flesch Company, provides comprehensive technology management services. Their IT experts take a holistic approach and provide a right-sized plan with a tailored strategy, robust security, best-in-class solutions and unrivaled support. You’ll get all the benefits (and then some) of an in-house IT team at a fraction of the cost. Tired of always feeling a step behind when it comes to technology? Elevity, one of the largest and most capable managed IT providers in the Midwest, is here to help.

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