Managed print is all about integrating the right combination of hardware and software in order to help you save money, time and resources. In fact, with Managed Print Services, customers usually uncover money they didn’t even know they were wasting!

These are a few of the symptoms of an organization in need of managed print:ImageCAREv2_rgb.png

  • Reams of wasted paper in the recycling bin
  • No strategic supply management process
  • Underutilized or inefficient printers
  • Documents should be black and white but are printed in color

We can help resolve these and other issues related to print. Our specialists help businesses like yours improve print workflow efficiencies, reduce waste for a greener office and save up to 50% on printing costs. Plus, with managed print your overall workflow will improve.

Here’s how our Managed Print Services work:

Step 1: Assessment

Using virtual device management tools, we’ll analyze your print output equipment to determine how it’s used, how its supplies are stocked and how much life it has left. We’ll then evaluate your purchasing process and develop a plan that will help you see the best results possible.

Step 2: Implementation

Using best-in-class software that integrates with your current systems, we’ll implement rules and processes that will help you use fewer devices, less energy and less paper. Then, we’ll provide training and access to our full-service Technical Support Center. And of course, we’ll provide you efficient delivery of toner and supplies to eliminate excess and obsolete stock.

Step 3: Continuous Improvement

Just because our solutions had a big impact doesn’t mean we’re finished. We’ll continually look at the performance of your managed print program to find out if there are even more places you could be saving time and valuable resources.

As part of your managed print strategy, we’ll help you:

  • Recycle your print cartridges to keep landfills free and costs down
  • Establish rules-based printing to reduce unnecessary paper use and ensure that the right device is being used for the right job
  • Encourage duplex printing
  • Reduce power usage by ensuring machines are being used properly and that unneeded ones are recycled
  • Transition to enterprise content management which turns costly, insecure paper files into electronic files, decreasing paper usage while increasing workflow efficiency

Managed Print Services Guide

Output Management Software

Output management is a critical component of managed print services and can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Productivity, information security and cost recovery can all be improved with output management software, which helps control what happens at every point of the printing process, from job submission to document finishing.

Here are examples of just some of the solutions we’ve implemented:

Secured Print Release

Also known as “Cloud Printing,” “Follow Me Printing” and “Follow You Printing,” this functionality allows users to print to a virtual printer, then pick up their job at any device within the fleet.

This technology:

  • Cuts down on uncollected print jobs
  • Provides automatic destruction of uncollected documents
  • Improves workflow
  • Increases security of printed documents

Mobile Print Release

Users can take greater advantage of mobile devices when they’re able to print jobs from them. Most smartphones and tablets don’t come with printer drivers, but we can help make the most of current technology to improve workflow for your staff.

Intelligent Rules & Routing

We design parameters across a fleet of printers and multifunction devices so that customers can:

  • Reroute jobs when a given printer is busy or not functioning
  • Direct jobs to the most budget-friendly device
  • Either allow or force users to manage their printing choices to maintain budget
  • Redirect jobs based on color, size and finishing specifications

Authentication & Auditing

Technology can allow the system to identify who is printing, scanning and copying documents as a way to maintain corporate compliance. Authentication and auditing:

  • Provides reporting for all document output activity for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance requirements
  • Ensures that the software works with your business processes with:
       - Alpha-numeric login
       - PIN entry
       - Magnetic card striping
       - Proximity card authentication
       - Active directory integration (direct and indirect) 

Cost Recovery

We help customers recover printing, scanning, copying and faxing costs with integrated reporting and a variety of project coding solutions. These are just some of the benefits:

  • Ease of pricing management with a centralized pricing list
  • A flexible charging structure based on a user, a department or an account
  • Automatic scheduling of reports
  • Report customization

Scanning Security

By limiting the scanning of sensitive documents based upon authentication credentials or document contents we help:

  • Ensure documents don’t leave your environment unless authorized
  • Create audit trails
  • Alert administrative personnel when necessary
  • Secure customized scanning reports

Asset Management

With Gordon Flesch Company’s asset management program, we maintain all your current equipment needs so you never have to worry about a machine being down. We also assure you’re getting the most for your money by providing supplies when you need them – there is no excess. Here are just a few of the benefits of our asset management program:

Minimize and Manage Waste

Many companies throw away supplies before it’s necessary. When we manage your hardware we ensure that there’s no waste. For example, many companies throw away a toner cartridge when it reaches a 25% level. We can set a trigger for our technicians to replace your toner when it’s at 5%, giving you much more use out of each cartridge and taking the responsibility of replacing toner off your employees’ desks. 

Minimize Supply Obsolescence

We minimize supply obsolescence in a number of ways. First we take an inventory of your current supplies and recommend the most effective way to maintain the optimum level. We also look at your inventory to determine if anything can be reused for the future in order minimize cost and reduce waste.

Hands-off Ownership

When you have the Gordon Flesch Company managing your assets, you’re able to focus on your core business instead of worrying about technology. Our asset management gives you peace of mind knowing that we’re doing what’s needed to ensure your best interests. This proactive approach means you get what you need, when you need it – without having to lift a finger.


What Our Clients Say

Samantha Crouse IT Compliance Manager School District Gordon Flesch Testimonial

GFC really gets us, and that’s not easy. We’re constantly changing, and GFC is right there with me, with an eagerness that says, “What’s next!” Their flexibility in creating solutions is incredible. They’re truly part of our team!”

Samantha Crouse
IT Compliance Manager, Hat World/LIDS


After spending an hour trying to resolve a printer issue on my own, I reached out to the Gordon Flesch Company. A technician was able to talk me through the problems and get the machine back on track. He was patient, thorough and very competent, and saved us considerable time and money.
A lifesaver!

Patricia Engstrom
Village Clerk of Wayne, IL

Margaret Wood CFO Arbor Homes Gordon Flesch Testimonial

“What I love most is that GFC’s people do what they say, and they tell the truth. They’re absolutely authentic, and that’s why we have so much confidence in them. Our GFC branch manager acts like an owner. Those are the kind of people I want to work with!”

Margaret Wood
CFO, Arbor Homes


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