Date: 04/25/2017

Gordon Flesch Company Wins 2017 ITEX Perfect Image Award

The Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) was presented with a 2017 ITEX Perfect Image Award for Outstanding Service Program by Marc Spring, ITEX founder and Chief Business Officer and owner of Evolved Office and Copylite...

Date: 04/20/2017

Gordon Flesch Company Honored at Laserfiche Winners' Circle

The Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) is pleased to announce that Laserfiche, a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software, has named GFC a Laserfiche Winners’ Circle Achiever in recognition of its...

Date: 03/28/2017

Gordon Flesch Company Featured in InBusiness Magazine

Family Business Awards: Gordon Flesch Company Posterizes its History

Date: 03/28/2017

Gordon Flesch Company Featured in Cannata Report

Date: 03/07/2017

GFConsulting Customer Halquist Stone Company Wins Run Smarter Award

At this year's Empower Conference, Halquist Stone Company was honored with Laserfiche’s prestigious Run Smarter Award. This award is presented to organizations that most effectively use Laserfiche Enterprise Content...

Date: 01/30/2017

Gordon Flesch Company Featured in Family Business Magazine

This article originally appeared in the January 2017 issue of Family Business Magazine, and was written by Dave Donelson. Dave is a business writer in West Harrison, N.Y. and is the author of the Dynamic Manager...

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