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There are many reasons your business might consider enlisting the help of a Managed Print Service. To help you navigate your business print options and determine what’s right for you, we’ve compiled our best resources in this exhaustive but easy Managed Print reference guide.


Managed Print Helpful Resources

What is

Managed Print?

Managed Print Service, sometimes referred to as MPS, is an agreement between a business and a Managed Print provider. It typically includes the lease or purchase of print equipment and supplies, such as toner. A service agreement is also included to install and connect the machines to your network and perform routine maintenance and repairs during the term of the contract.

A good Managed Print provider goes beyond just getting you the right equipment and will assess your current print equipment to understand how your team uses it, how your printer supplies are stocked, and the expected lifespan of each piece of equipment. Once everything is set up, they can provide user training, ensure that proper security protocols are in place, and help optimize workflows throughout your organization.

The Benefits of

Managed Print

A company’s print environment often doesn’t get much attention until something goes wrong. Many organizations don’t realize how much time and money is spent managing their own printers, but a thorough assessment and cost analysis usually reveals surprising results. 

Implementing Managed Print can provide the following benefits:


Increased productivity

The cumulative impact of dealing with everyday printer issues adds up, as do labor costs.


Improved focus on critical functions

When you and your IT department are distracted by printer issues, it can detract from your regular responsibilities and focus on the strategic functions of your company.


Enhanced security

Network printers are really just computers that need the same security measures as other connected devices, such as software updates and password protection. Improperly protected printers are a common entry point for hackers to steal or corrupt data.


Cost Savings

Reducing wasted paper, supplies and downtime can provide significant savings, and the predictable fixed monthly payments of a typical agreement can even out cash flow to free up resources for other important initiatives.


5 Signs Managed
Print Makes Sense

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What is a

Managed Print Service Agreement?

The elements of a Managed Print Service contract vary between providers. But what’s more important than what your provider can do is to first know what your company actually needs. There is no one-size-fits all “package” that will suit every company.

When evaluating Managed Print providers, you’ll want to understand the scope of services and products they offer, including:


Make sure your provider has a deep understanding of your current print environment and provides tailored recommendations to overcome your print challenges.


Printers & copiers

Typically, a Managed Print provider is licensed to sell and service certain brands of equipment. Ensure that the products they represent are reputable and are suitable for your print output.


Maintenance & repair

Qualified service technicians will not only troubleshoot any issues and make necessary repairs; they’ll also perform routine preventative maintenance. Additionally, look for a provider that offers help desk support and secure remote system access to resolve issues quickly.


Output management tools and software

Ensure you have access to cloud printing, mobile printing, authentication and auditing, and cost recovery software.



Today’s devices offer many features in addition to scanning, emailing and printing. A Managed Print provider should offer user training and configure your devices with your networks to provide maximum efficiency.


Security measures

Make sure your provider keeps your print environment secure by updating software, installing patches, changing default passwords and implementing audit trails and user authentication when necessary.

How can Managed Print

Lower Printing Costs?

A Managed Print program can help improve workflow efficiencies, reduce waste and save up to 30% on your printing costs. 

After a thorough assessment by a Managed Print provider, some companies end up actually reducing the number of printers in their fleets. Newer printers also are more energy efficient and use less toner, bringing additional cost savings. Rules-based printing can also reduce unnecessary paper use and ensure the right device is used for every print job.

Learn more about how Managed Print Services can save you money and check out the following success stories from others who have improved their bottom lines. 

Does Managed Print

Help Protect Data?

A shocking 70% of organizations have experienced a print-related data breach. Hackers often find IT departments neglect print security, creating an easy entry point into a company’s computer network. 

A competent Managed Print Service provider understands the risks posed by poor printer security protocols and will ensure that proper safeguards are in place, including timely software and firmware updates and regularly scheduled assessments.

In addition to cybersecurity, an MSP can help with physical security,  keeping paper documents from ending up in the wrong hands. Your provider should also implement authorized user lists, hard drive encryption, and swipe-to-print technology.


Cybersecurity for
your Printer

What you need to know


How can Managed Print Services

Support Green Initiatives?

Some studies suggest that the average American worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. For organizations that strive to be environmentally conscious, having a Managed Print Service can reduce this number significantly. When default settings are configured properly, you can automatically print double-sided or black and white versus color. 

Not only can your company expect to use much less paper and toner but, if your equipment is ENERGY STAR® rated, you can reduce energy usage and lower your print fleet’s carbon footprint. 

Ensure that your print provider responsibly disposes of or recycles your old equipment and that they have a protocol for recycling ink cartridges. Ask your prospective Managed Print provider about any recycling programs they may offer.


Improve Your Organization's
Green Initiatives

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What Size Business can use

Managed Print Services?

Companies of all sizes can implement Managed Print, whether they need a single multi-function device or an entire fleet of high-output printers across multiple locations. 

Managed Print can remove the burden of overseeing your print environment and allow you and your employees to focus on functions that are critical to conducting your business or organization.

A typical office environment is often the first thing that comes to mind, but every type of organization can benefit from Managed Print: law firms, school districts, government agencies, manufacturers, service organizations, retail establishments and more. Check out the following resources to see how others have leveraged Managed Print Services to improve their operations.


What’s The Difference Between Managed Print Vs. Leasing?

When you sign a lease agreement for a printer, you can expect to get just that: a printer. 

However, when you partner with a Managed Print provider, you’ll work with someone who will strategize with you to find the best solution to reduce print costs, maximize efficiencies and grow your business. They’ll also ensure you have flexible lease options and are backed by qualified technicians and service representatives who can perform updates and maintenance in a timely manner. While a lease is certainly an important element of a Managed Print agreement, it only plays a small part in the overall relationship you establish with your provider. Be sure you evaluate your printer leasing company based on more than just leasing terms.

The Cost Of

Managed Print Services

Pricing for Managed Print Services is based on several factors, including the number of printers you need, how many pages you print per month, the length of the lease term and more. 

A common agreement bases pricing on a cost-per-page model and is calculated partially based on your print volume. With this type of contract, the provider typically handles the maintenance and repairs and manages supplies.

Without knowing the number and type of machines your organization will need or how much volume output will be generated, calculating an average cost for Managed Print Services is nearly impossible. 

However, a great place to start is first knowing how much you’re currently spending on your print environment so you can evaluate whether the proposal you receive from a provider is in line with your budget. Use the following resources to help you determine your current costs and discuss flexible leasing options with your prospective vendor.

What’s Involved In

Implementing Managed Print Services?

At the Gordon Flesch Company, we take a three-pronged approach to implementing a successful Managed Print program.



There’s no single off-the-shelf solution. We start with an individualized assessment and inventory. Then, we seek to understand your goals and analyze your current print environment to develop a proposal based on a customized roadmap for success.



Once your needs are determined, you’ll receive best-in-class software and equipment that integrates with your current systems. Rules-based printing will be implemented and authentication processes and workflows will be put in place. Training is also provided along with any-time access to our full-service Technical Support Center.


Continually Improve

We’ll review your Managed Print program, install updates, remotely monitor performance 24/7, proactively maintain equipment, address potential security threats and assess changing needs as your company grows to identify even more ways you could save time and valuable resources.

Want to go deeper?

Additional information about implementing a Managed
Print Service can be found in the following resources.

Case Study: Managed Print Service Implementation
Managed Print Case Study: Roush Honda — Dealership Merger Delivers Unexpected Results


How do I

Take the Next Step?

If you’re considering a Managed Print solution, we’re ready to help you take the next step by setting up a no-cost, no-obligation Managed Prints Needs Assessment with one of our highly trained print experts. From there, you’ll receive a proposal outlining recommendations tailored to your needs and straight-forward pricing options with easy payments that work within your budget.

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