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Save a Tree with Managed Print

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On Monday we celebrated Earth Day, and today is Arbor Day, the day Americans have set aside each year since 1872 to recognize the importance of trees in our environment. Saving trees is a good thing, but people often miss simple steps they can take in their office settings to dramatically reduce paper consumption and save trees.

When we tell customers about our Managed Print service, the emphasis is usually on cost savings. Without a Managed Print service, you could be spending up to 3% of your revenue on copying and printing,[1]  and adopting the service could save 30% on your printing budget. But as organizations embrace green initiatives and more principled business practices, they’re looking to embrace Managed Print simply because it’s the right thing to do and is good for planet Earth. 

A Managed Print solution offers a team of experts to manage and service your printers, scanners, faxes and copiers to reduce paper and toner usage, optimize workflows, create efficiencies, recommend best practices and save money — all while leveraging the latest printer technology, software and network security possible. One of the benefits of this kind of program is that you only use the resources you need — printing fewer pages, consuming less power and creating less landfill waste.

Cutting Down Paper, Not Trees

According to the University of Southern Indiana:

  • Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S.
  • Americans use 85 million tons of paper per year — about 680 pounds per person

That’s a lot of paper and, by extension, a lot of trees that we collectively consume each year. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to reduce that consumption. For example, recycled paper uses 64% less energy than making paper from virgin wood pulp and can save millions of trees. In fact, for every ton of recycled paper that’s produced, 17 trees are saved.

Breaking Bad Printing Habits

Everyone wants to do the right thing, but poor habits are hard to break and consciously changing the way you consume paper can be a challenge. Fortunately, technology gives you the power to easily change your current printing habits. Some of the easiest paper-conservation steps include:

  • Implementing automated double-sided copying and printing
  • Preprogramming documents to print in draft mode or monochrome instead of color
  • Using post-consumer recycled paper products 
  • Using ENERGY STAR®-rated machines that automatically power down into “sleep mode”
  • Using a toner cartridge recycling program so that cartridges can be re-manufactured, saving raw materials and preventing toxic waste from ending up in landfills 

A Managed Print provider can lower your print fleet’s carbon footprint by ensuring that you’re working with the most efficient machines as well as enforcing more efficient printing practices. When an office buys an off-the-shelf machine and installs it themselves, it rarely, if ever, comes with printer management software. Even worse, if the machine has paper conservation and energy saving features, they’re often never turned on. But with Managed Print, your provider will optimize all these features for you. And, if you choose to implement it, secure printing controls can be configured to help cut down on wasteful printing practices even further. 

In addition, a Managed Print service administrative dashboard will give you real-time information about how your printers are being deployed — who prints what, how much and how often — so that you can identify opportunities to save paper and toner.

And for the good of the environment, a Managed Print partner will handle the proper disposal and recycling of printers, making sure that out-of-service machines are disassembled and diverted into proper waste or recycling programs to prevent toxic waste and pollution. 

So, while we normally focus on how Managed Print can save thousands of dollars from your IT budget, today we’re focused on one fact: a Managed Print solution can save trees and is good for the environment. If you’re interested in learning more ways to go green with Managed Print, check out our free infographic below. Then, reach out to the experts at the Gordon Flesch Company for a free, no obligation assessment of your company’s print environment.

[1] Gartner Group

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