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Join us at any of our upcoming Gordon Flesch Company and Elevity events! Browse through our full event calendar and register using the listings below.

February 3: How to Insure Yourself Against a Cyberattack

The absolute last line of defense against cyberattacks is cyber-insurance. But ever-increasing attack sophistication and exploding volumes of cyber claims have forced insurers to rethink their coverage requirements. Elevity, a division of the Gordon Flesch Company, and our new Security Operations Center (SOC) partners at Arctic Wolf will deliver a lunchtime webinar to explain what cybersecurity protections are now necessary to remain insured.

In 2020, the cyber insurance community saw the first policy that exceeded $1 billion in coverage. The growing scale of ransomware attacks and extortion demands means that cyber premiums are going up while coverage goes down.  

Join this webinar to learn why: 

  • Insurers are rethinking cyber coverage and increasing premiums 
  • Businesses will likely see changes in what is required for cyber insurance 
  • Companies should consider new risk mitigation strategies 

Paul Hager, Elevity’s Director of Solutions will discuss the evolving threat landscape and how to protect your business from the revolving door of cyberattacks. We’ll discuss stricter requirements of cybersecurity insurance and the importance of a SOC for remaining covered. You also will hear real-life war stories from our partners with the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Team.  

The first 50 people to register and attend the webinar will receive a $50 Door Dash Card! 

Start time: 12 PM CT
Duration: 60 minutes

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February 4: Password Pandemonium

If a password is like a key to a door, then current password best practices are the equivalent of calling a locksmith every month. Exhausting, expensive and possibly unnecessary. We all know how critical it is to keep unique and complex passwords, but there's only so much brain space a human has to hold the endless number of passwords for each app and tool we use every day. Join our latest live event with cybersecurity expert, Josh Moore, as we discuss the intricacies of password behaviors and how to encourage positive habits that will protect your business.

Start time: 10 AM CT
Duration: 30 minutes

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February 18: Technology Talent Trends

Are you struggling to hire and hold onto key talent? Today’s labor market is changing drastically, and many are struggling to retain amazing people. Join Elevity and Carex as we discuss a variety of pertinent and timely IT talent acquisition trends. During this live event, we’ll address why it’s so difficult to hire tech talent right now and share a few tips and tricks for overcoming these challenges. We'll also explore the concept of the “great resignation” - why it’s happening and how business leaders can use this movement to their advantage. 

Start time: 10 AM CT
Duration: 30 minutes

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February 24: Lunch & Learn


Managing a modern hybrid or remote staff is complicated. How do you make sure your people are all in sync and working together? Find out how Managed Content software and modern Output Management solutions can quickly and securely route files to the right people, no matter where they may be.

Learn how to:
Securely route files in all office or home situations
Fix broken workflows
Get more from your existing office technology

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano | Town Center, 20560 N Rand Road, Deer Park, IL 60010
Thursday, February 24, 2022 | 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. | Lunch served at noon

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March 11: Easy Button Approach to Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Methodically training, testing, and periodically refreshing your team on how to effectively secure your technology is a daunting task. Add in ever evolving and increasingly sophisticated attacks, and there just isn't enough time in the day to do this efficiently. Your end users are your first line of cybersecurity defense, so keeping them informed and on the lookout is imperative. Join Elevity's lead Engineer, Ryan Rogers, as we discuss the easy button approach to cybersecurity awareness training.

Start time: 10 AM CT
Duration: 30 minutes

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