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Manage and control who's printing what, when they're printing and how much it's costing you


Output Management Solutions configure with your organization’s printer fleet and network to help unify its print environment. These software solutions help manage print devices, streamline workflows and provide insights into how printers are used. With extensive data-driven insights, print management software can help inform how print and document security policies are developed while encouraging more secure behavior.

The GFC Approach to

Output Management Solutions


How can you secure and optimize all the computer networks, printers, servers, cloud computing and other digital connections in your company? Start with print output management software. This solution ensures that printed or scanned documents remain secure and optimizes a company’s print environment. Organizations should insist on securing and streamlining all data. Print output management helps do that.

Looking for a secure and easy printing or scanning experience? Look no further. GFC Output Management Solutions, combine the convenience of a single platform with the power to gain control of your office printing and document scanning workflows. 

You’ll be able to: 

  • Easily print from any device. Anytime.
  • Secure all documents before, during and after printing.
  • Reduce waste and save money.  

Top 10 Benefits of Output Management

Organizations should insist on securing and streamlining all data. Leveraging a print output management solution is a key piece to this puzzle.  


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