Kelly Glaser

Author: Kelly Glaser

Date: 06/04/2020

What is Cloud Print Management, Really?

Printing is an essential part of any business. But as more employees are working remotely and companies try to enforce social distancing policies, managing your printed output is increasingly complicated. How can you...

Mike Adams

Author: Mike Adams

Date: 06/02/2020

5 AI Solutions Benefits to Help Empower Business Decisions

When futurists try to imagine how artificial intelligence will transform our world, they often talk about driverless cars taking over the road or robots that walk among us. But the fact is that artificial...

Patrick Ritchie

Author: Patrick Ritchie

Date: 05/27/2020

Are You a Size A3 or A4?

If you’re not in the office technology business, terms like A3 or A4 don’t mean much to you. But when choosing a multi-function printer, A3 or A4 is one of the most important distinctions you need to know.

Topics: Managed Print

Tony Rampolla

Author: Tony Rampolla

Date: 05/21/2020

Print is Not Dead

It’s easy to look at people with their heads buried in their phones or iPads and assume that print is dead. The digital revolution has undoubtedly changed the way people consume media, but we all know that printing...

Jeff Dotzler

Author: Jeff Dotzler

Date: 05/20/2020

Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Outsource Information Technology

If one thing has become clear in the past few weeks, it’s that technology is the number one force keeping your business competitive. Video meetings, Virtual Private Networking and cloud applications are now essential...

Topics: Managed IT

Ted McLeod

Author: Ted McLeod

Date: 05/15/2020

Understanding the Factors that Determine Print Quality

When comparing printers, most people see a lot of numbers and acronyms, but find it hard to know how those terms affect their print quality. If your job involves printing documents or occasional emails, you are...

Topics: Managed Print

Kelly Moran

Author: Kelly Moran

Date: 05/13/2020

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Managed Print Service

Law firms rely on paper documents in almost all their daily business activities, perhaps more than any other profession. In part, that is because court systems and government agencies are still very paper-bound. But...

Brad Samuel

Author: Brad Samuel

Date: 05/08/2020

How GFC Ensures Safe Equipment Installation and Service Calls

As more businesses return to more normal operations, there’s a pesky question we all have to ask ourselves: Is it safe to touch that?

Topics: Managed Print


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