Author: Ted McLeod

Date: 06/14/2018

G7 and Color Control: Giving Customers Exactly What They Want

Did you know that yellow is the happiest color? Or that purple is the color of wealth, mystery and wisdom? Or that brown conveys reliability and strength?

Topics: Managed Print

Author: Patrick Flesch

Date: 05/17/2018

Ahoy! Beware of Toner Pirates and Printer Phone Scams

Recently, one of our Managed Print service customers received an invoice for toner cartridges from an IT services company. The invoice looked legitimate and offered a 10% discount for submitting an electronic...

Topics: Managed Print

Author: Kelly Glaser

Date: 05/08/2018

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Managed Print Provider

All businesses, both big and small, rely on printers as part of their operations. Managing those printers, repairs, network connectivity, upgrades, security and more can be burdensome and time consuming. More so, it...

Topics: Managed Print

Author: Patrick Ritchie

Date: 04/27/2018

Save a Tree with Managed Print

On Monday we celebrated Earth Day, and today is Arbor Day, the day Americans have set aside each year since 1872 to recognize the importance of trees in our environment. Saving trees is a good thing, but people often...

Topics: Managed Print

Author: Shayne Boyd

Date: 04/17/2018

What You May Not Know About GDPR

The clock is ticking: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enforceable on May 25. One of the lesser known requirements of GDPR is that it requires TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocol...

Topics: General Business Technology, Managed Print

Author: Kelly Glaser

Date: 03/15/2018

How Much Paper Does Your Office Use Each Year? Tips for Reducing Paper Use

Are you an average worker? If so, statisticians say you use around 10,000 sheets of paper every year.

Topics: Managed Print

Author: John Meier

Date: 02/22/2018

Managed Print Services: What If I Still Like My Old Printers?

When organizations consider a Managed Print service, the first question a lot of people want answers to is, “What happens to my old printers?” We understand – a lot of your old machines probably work fine, and it...

Topics: Managed Print

Author: Patrick Flesch

Date: 02/06/2018

Cross Examination: Is a Managed Print Service Good for Law Firms?

More than almost any other business, lawyers print stuff. A law firm needs to print contracts, expert testimony, depositions, courtroom exhibits, legal filings, trusts, wills and more. And a lot of that material...

Topics: Managed Print


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