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Elevity, a division of Gordon Flesch Company, provides comprehensive technology management services. Their IT experts take a holistic approach and provide a right-sized plan with a tailored strategy, robust security, best-in-class solutions and unrivaled support.

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Go Green with Managed Print

From school rooms to boardrooms, organizations are embracing green initiatives and encouraging environmental friendliness in an effort to reduce waste, demonstrate good corporate citizenship and improve the world we all live in. One of the easiest ways to experience immediate results is by implementing a Managed Print strategy!

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Is It Time For A Tech Check?

When was the last time you got a second opinion on your company's technology? Our free Business Technology Assessment typically takes 30 minutes and should give you a clearer picture of the health of your network, identify areas of concern or risk and uncover how you might be able to improve productivity.

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Bundle Your Print, ECM & IT Management

You rely on Elevity’s Technology Management experts to accomplish your IT goals. But did you realize that Elevity is a division of Gordon Flesch Company (GFC), the top provider of Canon office equipment in the nation and a provider of
the best Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems?

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GFC Means Business

Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) has been relied upon for its Managed Print Service expertise. But did you know that our suite of business technologies goes far beyond that? 

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Checklist for Office Printers

Are you worried that your printers are hurting your bottom line? Check out our quick and painless print audit checklist to identify vulnerabilities in your print environment and find room for improvement.

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2021 GFC Year in Review - Resource

2021 GFC Year in Review - Year of Growth

View a few of the high points from the Gordon Flesch Company's year in 2021. We review new customers, our Charitable efforts, machines installed and more!

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myGFC | GFC’s Customer Service in Your Pocket

The myGFC app allows you to safely and securely navigate through your whole print fleet in a matter of minutes and is an all-in-one hub to manage your output devices.

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Better Healthcare Through Intelligent Print Management

Healthcare work is an always-on, ready to save lives in any situation commitment. You need technology that can meetthose demands.

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Do Your Part #BeCyberSmart

Did you know that the biggest cybersecurity threat to any organization is its staff? In 2021, employees are falling victim to phishing, malware and other attacks at frightening rates. That’s why your first line of defense is to educate employees to identify and block cyberattacks. 

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Top 10 Benefits of Print Output Management

Secure and optimize all of your printers, servers and computer networks with print output management software, which ensures that printed or scanned documents remain secure and optimizes a company’s print environment. 

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Supporting Current School Initiatives with Managed Print

Students across the country are returning to classrooms and campuses along with their devices. This could lead to a shift in how handouts and other printed materials are used.

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Transforming the Law

Did you know 20% of lawyers reported having trouble meeting billable hour goals last year? The good news is that the technology exists to make your practice more secure and profitable.

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Making Smart Print Technology Investments

As we all make our way back to the office full time, it’s time to rethink the way office printers are managed. That means taking advantage of new cloud technologies, but also thinking about how to protect your print assets in today’s threat environment.

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Two campuses depending on an aging infrastructure made a major upgrade to ensure students could learn virtually during the COVID pandemic.

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7 Reasons to Move to Managed Print Services with Zebra Thermal Printers

Did you know one of the fastest growing office technologies is thermal label printers? Learn more about how MPS for your Zebra Thermal printers can save you time and money.

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2020 GFC Year in Review

2020 was a year of change around the world. Like everyone else, GFC had to quickly adapt and we’re proud of the way our team responded. Check out some of the GFC milestones and innovations from the past 12 months.

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2021 Tech Predictions

Technology tools and cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving. Every day we see or hear about something that can impact our business. It can be a full-time job just to keep up. See our predictions for the year to come.

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Managed IT - Law Firm

This growing law firm needed a knowledgeable IT partner who could help them organize their busy caseload while ensuring their clients’ confidential data was safe from cyber threats.

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Microsoft Teams & the Explosion of Online Collaboration

This infographic shows a snapshot of the new reality of remote work. It also illustrates how tools like Teams are showing companies that employees can successfully continue to work from home even after the pandemic has passed.

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ECM Case Study - Dairy Connection

Dairy Connections' job of providing certificates in compliance with food safety laws became more and more difficult with new FSMA paperwork requirements. That's where ECM came in.


Why Your Business Needs Temperature Screening Kiosks

Temperature kiosks can provide early detection and keep your visitors and staff safe.

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Rapid Temperature Kiosk Case Study - Northbrook ESD 27 School District

The primary and middle schools in Northbrook, Illinois needed a way to quickly check temperatures of hundreds of students and staff entering the school buildings every day.


Managed Content - The Gordon Flesch Company AP Department

Thanks to a new Laserfiche Managed Content process, the GFC AP Department has become almost all digital, processing invoices faster and more cost-effectively.

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7 Tips for Detecting a Phishing Email

Cyber criminals might send an email that looks legitimate, known as a phishing email, but you can take steps to avoid the traps. Download our infographic to learn simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your organization.

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Invisible Attacks: Defending Against Fileless Malware

Hackers use clever disguises to sneak through the gaps in your network defenses undetected. One of the most insidious disguises hackers use today is fileless malware. Learn what it is and how to stop it.

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President's Report: ReThink Print

More than 30% of U.S. employees are expected to continue working from home in the next year. That means it’s time to rethink the way printing resources are deployed. 


Approach to Layered Security

Life would be so much simpler if one tool ensured total end to end security of our technology. Follow this infographic to see critical points of protection, and the tools at each point to properly protect your environment.


Rapid Temperature Screening Kiosks

Touchless fever detection is an essential tool in today's world. Keep your staff, visitors and the public safe, while helping to identify those who may be sick.


myGFC App

Request service from anywhere! Connecting with a Gordon Flesch technician to service your copier or printer is as easy as reaching for your smartphone.


5 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Explore the short- and long-term advantages of leveraging outsourced IT resources to accelerate your technology initiatives. Walk away with a clearer picture of what outsourced IT could look like in your company.

Cybersecurity Tips thumb

Cybersecurity Tips for Employees

Beware of your greatest security risk… your employees! Use these cybersecurity tips to help employees follow best practices and know what to look for.


Don’t Take the Bait – Top 10 Email Phishing Scam Clues

It only takes one click for a hacker to access your company’s network and, despite glaring warning signs, many people still click on suspicious links anyway. Watch out for these indications that you’re facing a phishing email.

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Roadmap for Implementing Managed IT

You’re ready to make the move to managed IT. But how do you get there? Follow these 7 steps for a smooth transition.

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Back to Business Guide

Download our free infographic with 6 free tips we’ve compiled that almost any business can use to help get your business safely reopened.


Managing Remote Workers

GFC offers five of the most basic business needs to allow remote workers to be as productive as they are in the office.


Traditional IT vs. Managed IT

Not sure managed IT is right for your organization? See how it stacks up to a traditional IT department and a break-fix support model.

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GFC & Ricoh: A Winning Combination

GFC, the Midwest's largest independent office equipment dealer, is now an authorized Ricoh Family Group dealer partner!


Benefits of Managed Print

The benefits of MPS go way beyond just having fewer paper jams, although that's a nice perk. See how it can help your company grow and save money, too.


What is Managed Print?

Read our MPS FAQ infographic, answering the most important questions about Managed Print Services.


5 Tech Innovations for Business

See how small and mid-sized businesses can leverage the latest tech innovations — it’s no longer just reserved for major corporations.


Beginner's Guide to Managed Print

What are the signs it’s time for Managed Print Services (MPS)? Get all the answers in this helpful guide.


Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Computing

The average organization uses nearly 1,200 cloud services. Discover the differences between cloud and on-premise computing as well as the types of cloud services.

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Quick Guide to Print Security 

Learn why print security is important, how it works, and what you can expect from implementing a proper endpoint security strategy for printers.


Lease or Buy?

Use our leasing infographic outlining various types of lease agreements, a list of business equipment that can be leased, and more.


Production Showroom Tour

Our newly redesigned Production Showroom has all of the latest production print technology all in one place.


Top 5 Production Print Challenges

See how the latest large-format printers help overcome the challenges of today’s production printers, even for smaller print shops.

4_Keys_to_Transform_Resource_CTA-b (1)-1

4 Keys to Successful ECM Implementation

Understand how ECM can help you organize your data, fix broken processes, save time and money, and make your work more rewarding.


Business Technology Inventory Checklist

Better understand your current tech landscape and identify potential gaps or risks. Use this checklist to document your current physical and virtual IT assets.

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Enterprise Content Management_Guide

Going Paperless with ECM

Learn how ECM streamlines workflows, improves productivity and security, and can save money, not to mention the environment.


Is Your Company A Fit For ECM?

If you still have questions about ECM's application to your business take this quick 5-question quiz to see if your needs align with the many benefits.


Shadow IT & Employee Risk

Are your employees using personal devices for work, unauthorized apps or poor security protocols? Learn about Shadow IT and how to address it.


What Is ECM?

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? Learn how it works, which industries are best suited, steps for implementation and more.


AskGordy Whitepaper

See how the power of artificial intelligence from IBM can help you find dark data within your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and more.


Top 6 Benefits of a Virtual CIO

Have the IT department you always dreamed of when you enlist the help of a vCIO – without the cost of adding a new position to your payroll.

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Managed IT – National University of Health Sciences

This university’s IT went from hodge-podge to home run with a customized hybrid IT solution that easily integrated with their existing people and systems.

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Top 7 Signs Your Computer’s Been Hacked

Would you be able to tell if your computer was hacked? Watch for these common signs that your network has been compromised.

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Managed IT – Special Olympics Wisconsin

Disjointed tech and frequent outages were plaguing this non-profit. A customized solution from Elevity has created a technology environment that works together – and has made employees exponentially more productive.

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Microsoft Teams – New Resources Consulting

Thanks to Teams, this business moved from multiple outdated products to one streamlined communication platform. Now company-wide collaboration has never been easier.

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Managed IT – Krekeler Strother Law Firm

From reducing costly downtime to boosting employee morale, moving to managed IT was a game changer for this busy law firm.

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Office 365 – American Society of Agronomy

Updating desktop Office versions used to be a time-consuming nightmare. Now everyone in the organization enjoys the efficiency, collaboration and consistency of Office 365.

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Hyperconverged – City of Pewaukee

When the city’s SAN started running out of space, they needed an easy-to-implement solution without an impossible price tag. Scale Computing’s HCI fit the bill.

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Microsoft Azure – Saco Foods

This global giant needed a network solution flexible, streamlined, and robust enough to support their steadily growing business.

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4 Unexpected Cybersecurity Threats Hiding in Your Company

Any device connected to the internet is a potential access point for the bad guys. You might be surprised by how many cyber risks can be unknowingly overlooked.

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Security Checklist thumb

Security Packages Checklist

Choosing the right solutions is tough and time incredibly consuming. Our team of security experts has hand-selected tools and services into three simple packages that will layer your defenses for top-to-bottom total security.


The Cybersecurity Handbook

Explore the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework. We explain the cybersecurity practices that support the 5 risk management functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

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Managed Print — Marquette University

Managed Print New management software helps reduce printer fleet size and deploy resources better for Marquette University.

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Managed Print — Blanchard Valley Health Services

By adopting Managed Print Services, this health care provider eliminated unused machines, lowered costs and even thwarted attempted fraud.

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Managed Print — UW Health

Hospitals need to print a lot of documents while protecting confidential patient information. Managed Print Services have provided more protections while reducing waste 10 to 15 percent.

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Managed Print — Sauk Prairie Health Care

This fast-growing health care provider had stockpiled supplies going to waste. With MPS, the company’s printer fleet is now operating at peak efficiency and waste is eliminated.

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Managed Print — Velocity Urgent Care

This medical clinic had too many printers and little control over how they were used. With MPS, the company now has the exact number of machines needed to get work done quickly while protecting confidential patient records.

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Managed Print — Cardinal Stritch University

This University has hundreds of printers but little control over how they were used. With MPS the school can lower costs, reduce waste and encourage the staff and students to print less.

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Managed Print — Network Photography

When a photography studio was losing money and business opportunities due to their outdated technology and outsourcing of marketing materials, Managed Print Services saved the day.

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Managed Print — Licking Heights Local School District

Managed Print Services not only lowed costs to manage this school district’s printer fleet, but it also turned out to be a useful tool in an emergency.

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Hyperconverged – New Resources Consulting

NRC’s network completely transformed after they traded in a bloated, failing system for the latest hyperconverged infrastructure from Nutanix.

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