Thermal Printers

Free your team from the burdens of configuring, securing and managing your thermal printers. We have the right tools, expertise and resources to ensure your thermal printers operate at optimal performance. Want to learn more about our thermal printers? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Thermal Printers.


Why Do You Need MPS for Thermal Printers?

Your thermal printers are crucial to keeping your operations working seamlessly for maximum productivity. But do you have complete visibility into the location, status and costs of your thermal printers?

Zebra Technologies estimates more than 50% of companies don’t know how much their thermal printers are costing them.

That’s why the Gordon Flesch Company has joined forces with Zebra to optimize efficiencies with MPS for Zebra thermal printers.

7 Reasons to Move to Managed Print Services with Zebra Thermal Printers

Learn 7 reasons why managing your thermal printers with Managed Print Services (MPS) is essential for the health of your business.


Harness Printer Control and Visibility

Delivering greater control and visibility into your printer fleet, MPS gives you the freedom to spend more time on growing your business and less time on printer capital outlays, servicing and management.

  • Simplify management of all printers
  • Access tools to continually monitor supplies output
  • Utilize Zebra Print DNA software to refine services with data-driven insights
  • Leverage Zebra's Link-OS printer operating system for unrivalled device performance

Increase Productivity

With a unified services approach that ensures peak printer performance, MPS optimizes how your Zebra printers effectively integrate into your operations—even with existing printer fleets to help increase overall business productivity.

  • Remotely manage, monitor, update and secure printers from anywhere
  • Increase printer uptime for high-volume and application specific operations
  • Expand printer functionality and enterprise productivity with Print DNA software
  • Streamline supplies replenishment so your printers are always ready

Eliminate Hidden Costs

In addition to the hard print-related costs of general hardware, supplies and maintenance, thermal printers can incur significant costs if they’re not managed well. As a comprehensive services solution, MPS gives you an easy way to eliminate hidden costs.

  • Reduce printer administration
  • Relieve burdens on IT support
  • Minimize printer downtimes
  • Establish consistent procurement

Secure Your Printers and Network

Printers are often overlooked as vulnerable to security breaches. But printers are endpoints repeatedly exploited by hackers to attack business networks. Print DNA printers provide the tools you need to ensure printer and network security.

  • Develop and manage a strong security strategy
  • Maintain your whole printing fleet remotely
  • Automate maintenance and security updates
  • Prevent unauthorized access to devices


GFC also offers great thermal printer options from Canon. The Canon IX-R7000 printer is designed to produce high-quality images and over-the-edge printing on dual-sided ID cards.

  • Thermal retransfer sublimation
  • Over-the-edge printing
  • Supports CR80 plastic cards
  • Prints up to 145 cards (single), 72 cards (double) per hour
  • Print resolution up to 600 dpi
  • Encoder option available

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