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How Managed Print Helps Combat Inflation and Price Volatility

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Inflation has risen wildly, but businesses have options available to combat the budgetary costs of office machines and their maintenance.

Sound interesting? Let’s learn more about how businesses have addressed inflation head on and discovered new ways to think about their office technology. 

Inflation and Price Volatility 

Drafting an annual budget is challenging as estimating your projected costs can often be an educated guess. While pricing can be variable from year to year, inflation (and other reasons) can also make pricing volatile. Forecasting inflation hikes is a science in itself. Sometimes inflation will rise a small amount, but other years (like recently) the rise in inflation rates could outpace the flexibility of your budget.

Challenges like this have prompted many businesses to rethink their office infrastructure, including how they pay for and maintain their office machines

What is Managed Print? 

Managed Print is a strategic advantage for most businesses that helps them cut costs, streamline processes, improve security and provide better service to employees and customers.

By integrating printers and similar devices with customizable print management software, organizations of all sizes benefit from reduced toner and paper usage to support green initiatives. Plus, remote monitoring and proactive issue resolution reduce downtime and increase efficiencies. 

How to Slash an Office Equipment Budget 

Did you know that by leveraging a Managed Print solution, many organizations have reduced their printing costs by up to 30%?

Managed Print leverages the expertise of a managed services provider who’ll first assess your company’s printing environment and workflows to get a clear picture of where bottlenecks might be and where improvements could be made. Once these are determined, the service provider will take a close look at your current print output equipment (printers, copiers and multifunction devices) to better understand how your team currently uses that equipment, how its printer supplies are stocked and the estimated lifespan of each piece of equipment. Managed Print can also assist with options to buy, rent or lease your equipment.

Why consider leasing? Because leasing helps conserve capital, provides a hedge against inflation and reduces your risk of equipment obsolescence.

After the assessment, your Managed Print provider will develop a roadmap for the future with regular updates to make sure your printing needs align with your goals. You’ll have access to tools and analytics that will allow you to continuously monitor your print fleet and make proactive budgeting decisions instead of reactive ones.

While many assume that Managed Print is only suited towards large organizations, many small- to medium-sized business also enjoy the service and savings of Managed Print. 

How Schools and Businesses Save with Managed Print 

Working with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider offers a bounty of benefits as your business will have a better opportunity to save money, time and resources.

Upgrading and Downsizing Your Printer Fleet

The MPS provider will first conduct a needs assessment. This will include mapping out all of your office devices on a floor plan for your business and surveying the needs of your staff. It’s common to find that a business can do more with less by upgrading and downsizing their printer fleet. 

Managed Print Case Study: Racine Unified School District 

Less Work for Your Internal IT Staff

Working with a MPS provider will also reduce the amount of work for your internal IT staff by outsourcing the troubleshooting and maintenance of your machines. A MPS provider can provide just-in-time toner replenishment, data on how your machines are used and timely repairs. In fact, Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) Service Techs also focus on first call effectiveness for solving your current machine problem and perform maintenance to prevent future concerns. 

Managed Print Case Study: Sauk Prairie Healthcare 

A More Secure Print Network

A MPS provider can assist in securing your print network by apply user access permissions. These permissions either allow or block access to certain features of the devices on the network. This better way to print allows users to enter their credentials (by card swipe or passcode) to print their document while at the printer, thereby reducing the chance of printed materials (including confidential material) being viewed or forgotten on the printer. Secure printing solutions also provide cybersecurity protection with the capability to protect the integrity of the machine and any documents it handles. 

Managed Print Case Study: Wisconsin Lutheran College 

Predictable Monthly Payments

Leasing office technology equipment is a popular way for organizations to have predictable, monthly payments which help to standardize cash flow during the budgeting process as the lease payment is fixed for the duration of the contract. In addition, GFC’s in-house leasing features a variety of lease terms with no third party involvement, no hidden fees and multiple end-of-term options to meet your needs. 

Leasing Case Study: Larson & Darby Group 

Working with a Managed Print Services Provider 

When you work with a MPS provider you are creating a strategic plan to streamline the efficiency of your business office technology. Many businesses have found this to be an excellent method to help reduce organizational costs and save time for their workforce.

Hassle-free print management is Gordon Flesch Company’s specialty. Whether your organization is looking to increase productivity, enhance security, improve focus or save money, contact us. We’ve got the solutions your organization needs to thrive.

Are you ready to learn more about the Benefits of Managed Print? Click the link below and download your complimentary copy of our handy infographic. 

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