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Do I Need Print Monitoring Software?

Doug Gleichauf

Do you look around your offices and wonder what your printers are doing? Are you not sure what your staff is printing or how much they print? Then you’re probably also wondering how do you get that information and if you need print monitoring software. You can’t manage what you don’t know.

There is lots of great technology to track printer usage and what your printer users are doing. This data is a powerful tool to control your print costs, identify problematic usage trends or bill back printing costs on a departmental or even individual level.


At a basic level, print monitoring software means you don’t have to be a meter reader, checking on individual machines’ activity each month. The main benefits to installing print monitoring software on your network is to:

  • Eliminate the time and hassle involved with pulling and submitting meters
  • Automates the billing process
  • Ensure accuracy and eliminate human error

But print software isn’t just for tracking how much your printers are being used. Print tracking software can monitor and optimize the day-to-day management of your printing and imaging environment through device monitoring. If you work with a Managed Print Partner that can include:

  • Proactive supply and service with automatic supply/maintenance/service alerts for networked devices.
  • Providing a regular report card on your printing environment and progress of MPS implementation.
  • Retirement and replacement strategy.
  • Determining corporate social responsibility targets and develop appropriate recycling programs and environmental initiatives.
  • Developing and implementing a print policy to help reach environmental goals while reducing spend.

Once you can track and monitor printer trends, it is possible to create a fleet strategy to optimize and improve document workflow. The key to sustaining the savings gained from managing your document environment is to continually measure and adjust on an ongoing basis. Monitoring software is the tool that shows you areas where improvements can be made by moving, consolidating, swapping, replacing, or implementing a new concept.


There are solutions that are not specific to any one manufacturer. For example, PaperCut MF is an enterprise software system to track usage for a fleet of printers. Administrators centrally manage and have full visibility to device activity from anywhere with browser-based admin tools. PaperCut includes over 50 one-click reports available for online viewing, printing or export. Reports address all areas ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact.

Knowing every detail can help you locate areas of overlap and inefficiency that could be costing your business thousands of dollars each year. You’ll be able to monitor it month to month, week to week, or even day to day to help truly understand your printing costs.

Once the size and scope of a fleet has been brought to manageable levels, the goal is to move beyond optimization to actually enhancing the capabilities of the fleet by using document management and document workflow to improve basic business processes and manage print output. For example, GFC subject matter experts work with clients to identify frustrations tied to specific processes within their organization. We then engage the client in Business Process Mapping with process owners so that we can help continuously improve efficiency.

Each business has unique printing needs, but print monitoring software and a managed print program are important steps to save your business money. For a free, no-obligation consultation on how you can improve your business technology environment, contact us today

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