What You Need to Know Before You Order Toner

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Your printer or copier is flashing a “low toner” warning. Do you know what information you’ll need or what the procedure is to order replacement toner and keep your device running smoothly?

When you see a “low toner” message on your device, a replacement is not needed immediately. In fact, it’s best to allow the toner cartridge to completely run out before replacing. However, when your toner is running low, you should know what your next step will be to order replacement toner in time for when your current cartridge runs out.

Here's what to keep in mind: 

  1. Find Your Equipment I.D. Tag
  2. Is My Device Part of a Managed Print Service Contract?
  3. Toner Choices
  4. Just-In-Time Toner Replenishment, How Does It Work?
  5. Toner Inclusive Contracts

Find Your Equipment I.D. Tag 

The dealer you purchased or leased your device from will typically place an equipment I.D. tag in a highly-visible spot – often on the front of the device. For example, the Gordon Flesch Company uses an equipment I.D. tag/sticker with an I.D. number listed prominently along with a QR Code that can be scanned with a smartphone and uploaded to the myGFC App to report a service concern or order toner. 

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Is My Device Part of a Managed Print Services Contract? 

Oftentimes, customers choose to have their printer and/or copier devices serviced through a Managed Print Services (MPS) contract at the dealership where they purchased or leased the devices.

If your device is part of a MPS contract, you’ll be part of a just-in-time program for ink or toner replacement. This convenient service will estimate the service life of your cartridges and will notify your MPS partner to ship a replacement cartridge to you when toner is running low.

In addition to toner replacement, a MPS partner will assess your current office printing infrastructure and needs. The recommendations provided by your MPS partner will ensure that your office printer fleet is at the correct size to meet your needs (which often means downsizing your printer fleet) and is running at peak performance with minimal downtime and waste. 

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While many businesses, especially larger businesses, prefer working with a MPS partner – it is not the only option. If your business prefers to place an individual order for a toner cartridge – when running low – your device’s dealership can easily assist. All you need is the I.D. number of your device, or its QR code – both are located on the device’s equipment I.D. tag.

Other questions customer service often answers, include:

  • Is this printer on the just-in-time program?
  • When will my toner arrive?
  • When was my toner delivered?
  • Who signed for my toner delivery?

Whatever your question, our friendly customer service staff will assist you to find an answer. 

Toner Choices 

Most multifunctional printers (MFPs) have just one size of cartridge. However smaller printers may offer options – typically a standard size and a high-yield (or high-capacity) option. In fact, if your business has a high usage rate for your devices, you may wish to consider a high-capacity printer cartridge.

MPS partners typically provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges for the brand names that they service. But customers with mixed fleets are common. If you have printers that are not serviced by your MPS partner, ask to see if compatible toner cartridges are an option. If this is available, your MPS partner could provide toner cartridges for your entire printer fleet!

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Just-In-Time Toner Replenishment, How Does It Work? 

The just-in-time toner replenishment service uses a Data Collection Agent (DCA) that collects data from the usage meters of printing devices connected to your network. The DCA then sends meter reports along with toner cartridge levels back to the main database server, which displays on a dashboard. This system uses an algorithm that looks at usage meters, percentage remaining in the cartridge and compares to the cartridge yield to calculate an estimated empty date. When the system estimates that the device will be empty in approximately 20 days, the device is added to a notification report indicating that it is time to ship the next toner cartridge to the customer. 

Toner Inclusive Contracts 

When using a MPS partner for toner inclusive contracts, customers often have their own specifications on how they would like to place their orders for toner shipments. Some customers prefer to keep a two-to-three-month supply of cartridges on hand. Others prefer to place their orders by phone, email, portal or app.

A little bit of advanced planning when scheduling the deployment of your printer fleet, can streamline your toner ordering – keeping disruption to a minimum the next time your printer needs toner.

Have you considered working with a MPS partner? It could improve the focus of your IT Team, enhance security and save money! A free, no obligation needs assessment only takes 30 minutes and it creates minimal disruption to your IT Team’s daily activities. Contact the Gordon Flesch Company today! 

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