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GFC Leasing Case Study: Larson & Darby Group


Larson & Darby Group is a full-service architectural, engineering, interiors and technology design firm based in Rockford, IL.


Larson & Darby needs cutting-edge, high-powered computer hardware and software in order to deliver technical drawings and designs. Until several years ago, the company purchased all its workstations with a traditional
business loan. “This wasn’t such a bad thing, except we would keep computers in service for a very long
time,” says Gerald Buttice, IT Manager. "As you can imagine, that can be bad for software performance, especially
for AutoCAD.”


The company’s local IT provider, Entre Computer Services, suggested that Larson & Darby could upgrade computers more quickly and affordably by financing the purchase with GFC Leasing. “It took me several years of trying to explain the benefits of leasing our workstations, but it finally sunk in that we need to keep up with technology,” says Buttice. “Once I got over that hurdle, it was simply a matter of working with Entre and GFC to get it done.”


By working with GFC Leasing, Larson & Darby now has flexibility to finance technology purchases not possible with traditional business loans. The company can now make technology purchases that keep pace with the rate of change in their competitive industry. “Much like my relationship with Entre, I’ve become accustomed to the level of service that I receive from GFC Leasing,” says Buttice. “What makes me appreciate it most is that I have never have to ask for it.”


"GFC Leasing is always fair and competitive with their terms, timely with their processing, and responsive to my needs no matter big or small. They make my job so much easier.”

— Gerald Buttice IT Manager, Larson & Darby


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