Connie has extensive advertising agency experience, having helped businesses effectively promote their products and services. As Director of Marketing, Connie helps identify business opportunities and leverages tools and strategies to reach the appropriate audiences with the right messages.

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Connie Dettman

Author: Connie Dettman

Date: 04/17/2020

Customer Appreciation: Local Companies Doing Great Things

We at GFC have been inspired by the efforts of so many of our customers to help those in need. Today is Customer Appreciation Day, and we wanted to highlight some of the most inspiring efforts by our customers to...

Connie Dettman

Author: Connie Dettman

Date: 09/12/2019

INBOUND 2019: Marketing Like a Disruptor

More than 26,000 sales and marketing pros descended on the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center last week for HubSpot's annual INBOUND conference. Last year, CEO Brian Halligan did something radical, announcing...

Topics: Insider

Connie Dettman

Author: Connie Dettman

Date: 02/21/2019

IBM Think 2019: Beginning the Digital Journey

IBM’s 2019 Think Conference kicked off last week with Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty’s keynote, describing the digital journey that most businesses find themselves on today. According to her, the path to the future...

Topics: General Business Technology, IBM Watson

Connie Dettman

Author: Connie Dettman

Date: 07/24/2018

Who, Or What Is Gordy?

Regular readers of this blog may be wondering why we have been obsessed with topics like cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, voice-activated digital assistants, and the limitations of modern search...

Topics: Enterprise Content Management

Connie Dettman

Author: Connie Dettman

Date: 03/09/2017

The Latest Technology to Improve Your Business Presentations

Nothing disrupts a presentation more than technical difficulties. Even the most gifted speaker can’t drive home some ingenious points if he or she lacks the technology to back it up and clearly communicate those...

Topics: General Business Technology


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