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Elevity is one of the largest and most capable technology management providers in the Midwest. Our team of technology experts can help you reach a truly elevated level of IT strategy, security, solutions and support.

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Running an organization is hard enough without worrying about when your PCs need to be upgraded or if your network is protected from evolving security threats.
Outsourcing your IT gives you the best of both worlds – the freedom to focus on your business operations while still prioritizing your tech initiatives with guidance from a knowledgeable team.

Partnering with an IT provider like Elevity can save you money, enhance your existing IT team, and take the pressure of IT management away so you can focus on driving the business.

Download our free infographic to explore 5 key reasons why more and more businesses are partnering with Managed Services Providers.

Elevity offers a complete portfolio of business and IT consulting services. From planning your next server upgrade to pinpointing process inefficiencies, we can keep your network and your operations running smoothly.


IT Consulting & Technology Planning


Business Process Management


Applications & Services

IT Consulting & Technology Planning


Love it or hate it, technology is critical to the everyday operation of your organization. At Elevity, we can help you ensure network security, gain efficiencies, align your needs with the right technologies, and prevent costly downtime.

We start by thoroughly evaluating your network to identify areas for improvement. Then, drawing on our decades of industry experience, we recommend appropriate actions to alleviate your IT pain points. We can help you:

  • Mitigate internal & external threats
  • Eliminate inefficient technology
  • Reduce tech-related frustration

Virtual CIOs

By partnering with Elevity, you’ll have access to our virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) who have led IT departments across various industries to unprecedented levels of success.

They know the best methods for handling existing technology, IT resources, and new initiatives. They’ll work with you to review your operational and capital IT expenditures, budget, security compliance, and much more. You’ll receive invaluable guidance in choosing technology initiatives to serve your business needs now and down the road.

Key technology consulting services our vCIOs provide include:

  • IT budgeting
  • Project roadmaps
  • Upgrade planning
  • Vendor selection

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Business Process Management


Also known as business process optimization, this service identifies and solves the inefficient processes that are wasting your time and money. Our team can:

  • Improve efficiencies throughout the organization
  • Increase productivity and throughput
  • Drive growth by designing more efficient and cost-effective processes
  • Make it possible for staff to use their time on growth-focused activities

Applications & Services


The Elevity team leverages a variety of innovative tools and a range of capabilities to enhance your business and document management processes:

  • Products – published applications for plug-and-play functionality
  • Solutions – implementations optimized for a particular environment or process
  • Custom – development and consulting services

“It is very rare that a managed service provider truly understands our business and industry, and serves us with technology that makes sense for our operations. With Elevity, it’s not about the newest vendor or shiniest technology, it needs to be a good fit for our business. My Elevity contact helps me focus our initiatives based on our current needs and future growth.”

Jim Warner
Chief Technology and Security Officer, State Collection Service

5 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

  • Business Focus
  • Hiring Headaches 
  • Budget Control 
  • Security
  • Strategic IT

Explore the advantages of leveraging outsourced IT resources to accelerate your technology initiatives.