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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Compute, Storage, and Networking Combined

“I just want my infrastructure to work and be easy to use.” Sound familiar? Then you’ll love this integrated, fully supported, and near zero-maintenance solution. Welcome to the world of hyperconverged.

Despite how complex it sounds, hyperconverged is incredibly SIMPLE. Compared to traditional 3-tier architecture, it’s often more cost-effective, has fewer moving parts (read: fewer things that can go wrong), and is incredibly easy to deploy.

And you don’t have to try to set up a hyperconverged network on your own. The hyperconverged experts at Elevity can make your transition smooth and painless. In fact, we were among the first MSPs in the nation to deploy this solution.

What is

Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Hyperconverged connects storage, processing, and memory into one big pool that you can allocate virtual machines onto. It simplifies your network architecture while delivering the benefits of enterprise resiliency.

With hyperconverged, you get the agility of using public cloud infrastructure but still have your own on-premise hardware you control.

The Advantages of Hyperconverged



Need more computing power or storage space? Easy! Just add another node to the system.



No more chasing after multiple vendors to figure out how to fix a problem. Work with a single vendor to troubleshoot any aspect of the system.



Enjoy better reporting and management capabilities. Easily see if a server is reaching maximum capacity.


Business Continuity

Avoid costly downtime. Place a node at another site and it can continue powering your applications in case of a catastrophe.


Gateway to the Cloud

Get out of the hardware game. Shuttle your workloads between your hyperconverged network and your cloud provider of choice. It’s perfect for companies looking to move to the cloud but need on-premise workload for their legacy applications.

We’re a Preferred Partner of the Two Industry Leaders in Hyperconverged


Nutanix: Software-driven private cloud and computing power. Migrate applications, workloads and business data effortlessly across cloud environments. 


Scale Computing: The industry leader in complete solutions for SMBs. Install in minutes, expand without downtime, self-heal from failures and automatically optimize workloads to maximize price-performance.

“I’m so pleased with the smooth transition to the Nutanix hyperconverged hardware. Your team has risen to every challenge, kept me informed, supported my team, and made this the smoothest and quickest transition to a new server architecture / environment that I’ve ever witnessed in my career.”

Rob S.
IT Director at Gustave A Larson Company