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The average business today is awash in a sea of data, and many find it impossible to keep track of it all. Enterprise Content Management systems are helping companies turn the tide, allowing them to not only manage their data but to strategically leverage it to generate growth.


Benefits of ECM

  • Reduce storage costs
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve workflows and efficiencies
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Make better business decisions

What is

Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management software (ECM) does more than simply serve as a document management system. Yes, it will help you manage, store, and organize all your company’s data and streamline business processes, but today’s ECM solutions help you to actually leverage all that data to increase efficiencies, improve compliance, and make better business decisions.

With the right ECM system, you’ll get the most out of your data and your people through automated processes, increased productivity, and a collaborative culture that gets things done.

What Role

Does ECM Play?

As your organization grows, so will the amount of data and the number of employees. When each of those employees uses their own system for creating, naming, storing, and organizing business documents, you can end up with a jumbled mess of information that’s nearly impossible to find, let alone leverage to improve your organization.

When You Implement an ECM System, You'll Be Able to:


Digitally Capture and Import Data

from printed documents and multiple systems.


Access or Edit Any Document

and view metadata to organize data in a central repository that’s quickly accessible to users in your organization.


Increase Security and Compliance

and protect information from unauthorized access or modification.


Find Any Document Quickly

by searching text, creation date, user, etc.


Automate Manual Processes

such as copying, hand delivery, filing, and more to save time and money.


How Does ECM Work?

Watch the video for a quick explanation of how ECM can simplify your business processes.


That Use ECM

Every business sector is seeing an explosion in the amount of data they need to manage but are limited by outdated technologies and a shrinking labor pool. Here are some common examples of industries that benefit from ECM.


Enterprise Content Management for Small Businesses

The benefits of ECM aren’t just for major corporations. There are economical ECM solutions that can help small or midsize businesses that want to streamline their sales processes and employee onboarding. Even nonprofits that need to improve compliance, communication, and business processes can benefit.


Enterprise Content Management for Financial Services

The financial sector is data-driven and highly regulated. Historically, data was kept in paper form (e.g., check deposits, loan documents, applications). However, today’s financial landscape demands robust ECM technology that integrates with existing systems to manage and secure sensitive information and ensure compliance with strict state and federal regulations.


Enterprise Content Management in Healthcare

Speed, efficiency, and accuracy are all critical elements when caring for patients on the front lines in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Likewise, managing all the administrative work, including billing, insurance, reporting, medical records, deliveries, and more contributes to patients’ experiences. ECM helps align all these touchpoints to help healthcare providers focus on patients instead of paperwork, ensuring confidentiality and compliance.


Enterprise Content Management in Education

A collaborative environment enhances learning and helps students thrive. ECM helps minimize paperwork for teachers and administrators, allowing them to spend more time with students. Curriculum and materials can be viewed from any computer and shared with others. Student records and archived information can be captured and stored securely to streamline processes and ensure uniformity.

Innovative Laserfische

Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Leverage recent advances in ECM, including Laserfiche’s robotic process automation (RPA) to gain a competitive advantage. The technology deploys bots that mimic human functions and automate manual, repetitive processes often associated with data entry. These types of advances in ECM technology remove error-prone and laborious processes so your employees can focus on critical functions that contribute to your company’s growth.


How AI Unleashes the Full Potential of ECM

ECM solutions can leverage the cognitive computing capabilities of AskGordy, a voice-activated artificial intelligence tool developed by the Gordon Flesch Company that leverages the power of IBM Watson. Through machine learning, AskGordy gets “smarter” each time you use it.

  • Use natural language processing to ask questions and get answers
  • Access information without assistance from an IT expert
  • Explore multiple repositories and databases simultaneously
  • Turn the data in your ECM into actionable knowledge

Examples of

Enterprise Content Management Software

Laserfiche® – Electronic Content Management

A software suite comprised of a modular set of capture, distribution, process management, and integration tools.

Laserfiche® – Software as a Service (SaaS)

Collaborate more efficiently by sharing files via a secure web-based server, without the need for complex internal servers.

2019 Laserfiche Winners Circle
Laserfiche Certified Platinum Solution Provider

Enterprise Content Management

Implementation Steps

Implementing an ECM solution is not a plug-and-play operation. The process, when done correctly, will take time and dedication if you want to ensure that your organization enjoys the full benefits of the ECM platform.

The following phases provide an overview of the general steps you’ll need to go through when working with your provider to implement an ECM solution.


Identify Key Areas

ECM solutions are often rolled out in phases to address your biggest pain points first.


Quantify Results

Determine your end goal, both financially and operationally.


Get Buy-In

An organization-wide initiative needs everyone on board.



Be transparent throughout the process and involve stakeholders.


Determine Infrastructure Needs

It’s not unusual for some systems to no longer be needed while others may need to be added.


Take Ownership

Have dedicated teams to oversee various initiatives (system configuration, testing, training, support, etc.).


Establish Security and Access Policies

Identify who needs access to information and establish permission controls and policies.


Test It

A trial run in a real-world environment helps identify potential issues.


Remain Fluid

Changes can be expected along the way.



Deploying your ECM is a major milestone; continue to communicate with your provider to maximize processes over time.


Measure Success With An

ECM Assessment

The best way to know whether ECM can truly improve your operations and help you reach your business goals is to fully grasp the challenges you’d like to overcome. Request a free, no-obligation needs assessment to discuss ECM options that can be tailored to your unique needs.


News & Insights

Stay up on today’s ECM technology challenges and innovations by reading one of our recent articles.

“GFC provided us with a vision, roadmap and solution that increased our access and security, and saved us a great deal of time and resources. The solution is easy to use and saves staff time, making adoption easy – schools are eager to begin using it."

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Green Bay Area Public School District

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Becky Sharp, Executive Director
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