Enhancing Print Marketing Efficiency: How Managed Print Services Drive Success for Marketing Directors

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Readers are 70 percent more likely to recall a brand name if they were exposed to a printed piece of marketing collateral versus digital. A shocking but impactful statistic, right?

Marketing experts understand that effective marketing collateral needs to be where their targeted audience is at the correct time that they need more information or are ready to make a purchasing decision. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

Printed marketing materials geared to promote your business, raise brand awareness and educate current (or potential) customers of your products and/or services – are key!

Make sure your business is ready with marketing materials that you can produce in-house with the correct equipment.

Gone are the days when outsourcing print was the only method available for Marketing departments. Today, there are easy-to-use, office-sized printing devices with a small footprint that can make your next print job, a snap.

Today’s marketing collateral can be found in a variety of different forms and printed on a multitude of substrates. What you need are creative ideas, and the knowledge of your audience’s pain points during their buying journey.

An insightful Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can help to get those ideas into print faster with in-house devices designed to meet your needs, timely service calls (in the event of tech troubles), enhanced print security and optimized technology.

Sound good? Let’s take a closer look at what working with a MPS provider can do for your Marketing department and your entire organization.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

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Projects for Multifunction Printers

Compact multifunctional printers have become more versatile and powerful in recent years. This is a key reason why many Marketing departments have been moving more of their print jobs, in-house. Keeping your marketing printing in-house allows greater capacity for customized materials and encourages a faster print turnaround, especially for time-sensitive materials.

Examples of printed marketing materials include brochures, product manuals, booklets, loyalty program collateral, letterhead, sale flyers, posters, invitations and event programs. Some multifunction printers can even produce labels and/or stickers.

Multifunction printers can also be customized with a host of handy features, perfect for marketing projects. In fact, today’s printers can print, fold and bind your brochures in a variety of formats. 

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Projects for Large Format Printers

Increasingly, Marketing departments are acquiring their own large format printers to keep sign and display graphics printing in-house and reduce outsourcing costs. Large posters, banners, wall art, window clings and floor signs are common marketing projects.

Stock art from a variety of online vendors will provide your design team with quick access to impactful visual graphics too. 

In addition, smaller Marketing departments can create and print their own posters using PosterArtist, Canon’s user-friendly poster creation software designed for Canon large format printers. 

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Benefits of Managed Print Services

Working with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can offer expert advice in configuring and optimizing your print fleet. Your IT team will also thank you, as a MPS provider will reduce print-related headaches for your IT team.

Here’s some more great benefits you can expect when you turn towards hassle-free print management with a knowledgeable MPS provider.

Increase Productivity

Printer issues and ordering supplies can take your IT team away from their core job responsibilities. Do them a favor. Partner with a MPS provider. Your IT team will thank you for it as this will reduce the length of their giant “to do” list and will increase their productivity. A MPS provider will make sure that ink/toner supplies are replenished as needed, printer issues are dealt with in a timely manner and preventative check-ups keep things running smoothly.

Enhance Security

Don’t let your print fleet become an easy entry point for hackers to gain access to your network. A MPS provider will ensure timely software updates, password protection, “follow-me” printing capabilities and other security measures as determined by your organization’s needs. 

Save Money

Reducing your outsourced marketing spend will look great in your department’s budget. Having predictable, fixed monthly payments that help even out cash flow and free up other resources, will look even better.

Enjoy Leasing Options

Many MPS providers offer equipment leasing options. However, the best leasing arrangements include in-house financing with a flexible and customizable contract. Gordon Flesch Company has the expertise you’ll need as we’ve had an in-house leasing division for over 50 years. We offer flexible lease terms, an option to buy at the end of your lease and more! 

Are Managed Print Services Right for Your Business?

The latest equipment and customizable software, combined with personalized attention can help you achieve organizational goals, faster.

Wondering whether MPS is the right choice for your business? Learn more by downloading your free 5 Benefits of Managed Print Services infographic to see where the true value lies in letting experts handle your printing needs.

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