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Our GFConsulting Applications & Solutions team provides solutions and professional services that innovate, integrate, and optimize business processes and expose valuable insights and knowledge.

We offer an extensive set of tools, services, and capabilities:

  • Applications & Services. Includes our own LFIntegrator™ products for optimizing Laserfiche workflow processes with other software
  • Solutions. Implementations optimized for your particular environment or process
  • Consulting. Education, training, process optimization, and architecture, and help getting started
  • Custom Development & DevOps Support. Design, engineering, and DevOps support for mobile apps, internal and production software, and AI integration

Our solutions cover a wide variety of AI, business and document management processes, and integrations for a wide range of public and private sector clients.


Our suite of LFIntegrator products integrate Laserfiche ECM seamlessly with critical applications including Microsoft Dynamics GP and IBM Watson through our AskGordy ingestion and document display options.

Each LFIntegrator includes secure, bilateral integration, adding the workflow, approval, and document management capabilities of Laserfiche to its associated application. Contact our team for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

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It’s a fact: At least some of your processes are outdated, inefficient, and wasting time and money. These inefficiencies could be in your document management practices, workflows, customer support and interactions, help desk or administration — or a combination of them all. You can take back control by implementing hybrid cloud, containerization, and orchestration along with multiple statistical and analytics tools.

Our team has been designing and implementing elegant solutions for process management for more than 30 years. We’ve worked with hundreds of government, education, finance, healthcare, and business clients to improve efficiencies, security, and user experiences. Tell us your problem and we’ll show you how to turn it into an opportunity.

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Not sure how to get started with AI? There are so many opportunities and so much daunting information! Schedule an AI Meetup with the GFConsulting Group team to get clear answers on your specific areas of interest.

Considering whether the cloud is right for you? A consultation or application environment audit can help pinpoint easy opportunities for immediate results. We have an extraordinary team of experienced experts to design, implement, or oversee your specific cloud architecture or orchestration projects.

Are you a Managed Service Provider, ECM reseller or hardware provider looking to expand your AI offerings? Contact us to learn how you can join with GFConsulting Group to offer our AI Solutions to your clients.

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Custom Development And DevOps Support

Have a new app or integration in mind? Extend your own DevOps capabilities with GFConsulting experts, or with extraordinary access to APIs, services and provisioned development and staging environments through the Gordon Flesch Company.

GFConsulting experts can also provide design, engineering, documentation, and testing support for mobile apps, internal and production software, and AI integration.

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