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Who, Or What Is Gordy?

Connie Dettman

Regular readers of this blog may be wondering why we have been obsessed with topics like cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, voice-activated digital assistants, and the limitations of modern search technology. After all, The Gordon Flesch Company is known for a lot of things in office technology, but advanced artificial intelligence-based software isn’t one of them. At least, until now.

As we announced last week, AskGordy is the Gordon Flesch Company's interactive Watson application for Electronic Content Management (ECM) and document storage repositories that is now available. We’ve been hearing from customers that traditional search methods are simply not giving them real insights into the exploding volumes of data that accumulate in their content management systems. That is why we partnered with IBM to bring Watson's cognitive capabilities to ECM databases.

It is estimated that as much as 85% of all data stored in documents is not searchable and is considered “dark data.” AskGordy is the Gordon Flesch Company's interactive Watson application for bringing dark data to light from any ECM and document storage repository. Our GFConsulting experts can now use this all-new solution to take the data buried in corporate ECM platforms and make it searchable, accessible and more useful.

Here’s our own Jeff Dotzler, Vice President of GFConsulting Group to explain it all:


To learn more, visit the AskGordy website or download our free white paper below that explains it all.

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