David Eichkorn

Author: David Eichkorn

Date: 10/17/2019

6 Proven Ways to Secure a Computer Network

Computer and network security breaches seem to be in the news every day, and they’re costing the organizations that fall prey millions of dollars. In fact, IBM reports that the average cost per incident rose yet...

Topics: Managed IT, Cybersecurity

David Eichkorn

Author: David Eichkorn

Date: 10/10/2019

How to Evaluate a Managed IT Service Provider in 5 Simple Steps

According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Cost Technology Survey, companies report their greatest internal threats as maintaining the reliability of their systems, closely followed by the recruitment, development and...

Topics: Managed IT, Cybersecurity

David Eichkorn

Author: David Eichkorn

Date: 09/25/2019

How to Identify the Pros and Cons of On-Premise vs. Cloud Computing

It can be risky to put your stuff in the hands of someone else. I’m still hoping to get my copy of Journey’s Greatest Hits back from my college roommate. But when it comes to valuable business data, trusting it to a...

Topics: Managed IT, Cloud

David Eichkorn

Author: David Eichkorn

Date: 09/19/2019

4 Steps to Implementing Managed IT Services

I’ve blogged in the past about the reasons why businesses should outsource to a Managed IT service. If you’re still undecided about choosing a Managed IT provider, please give it a read.

Topics: Managed IT

David Eichkorn

Author: David Eichkorn

Date: 07/31/2019

The Most Common Reasons People Outsource IT

Every business is looking for ways to improve efficiency and cut costs. For example, you’ve probably had a new coffee supplier in the break room to save a little money. But what happens when the staff discovers they...

Topics: Managed IT

Jeff Dotzler

Author: Jeff Dotzler

Date: 07/24/2019

3 Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

“The cloud” is frequently referenced when discussing the future of technology, since it offers businesses of all sizes enterprise-level technology at an affordable rate. And, while switching from a traditional IT...

Topics: Managed IT, General Business Technology, Cloud

Mike Adams

Author: Mike Adams

Date: 05/15/2019

How to Measure Success of an AI Project

Recently, an artificial intelligence (AI) program learned to make puns and bad jokes. How bad? When the program tried to come up with a pun, it told researchers, “the greyhound stopped to get a hare cut.”


Topics: Managed IT, General Business Technology, IBM Watson

Mark Flesch

Author: Mark Flesch

Date: 04/30/2019

Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan — 5 Essential Elements

Whether it’s hurricanes hitting coastal regions or wildfires scorching the West, those in the path of these devastating events were unable to escape damage. In some cases, they lost everything.

Natural disasters...

Topics: Managed IT, Cybersecurity


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