‘Twas the Night Before Managed Print — What You Can Look Forward To

Kelly Moran
Author: Kelly Moran Date: 12/21/2017

There’s a sense of anticipation leading up to the day when a Managed Print solution finally gets implemented in a workplace. Granted, it’s not quite the same excitement that children feel leading up to Christmas morning, but for an organization that’s been struggling to manage its print costs, improve data security and reduce downtime, Managed Print can feel like a gift.

Once a Managed Print solution is put in place within an organization, it’s often difficult to imagine how it ever operated without it. Here’s a festive holiday spin on what you can look forward to when implementing Managed Print, and why you might just exclaim it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Be of Good Cheer

In today’s competitive labor market, companies are seeking ways to improve company culture, working environments and ensure a more satisfied workforce. Part of those initiatives involves making sure workers have the technology they need to easily perform their duties and reduce overall frustrations.

At a very basic level, print environments require a solid, reliable servicing organization in the background. Printer jams, missing toner cartridges, error codes and other problems inevitably happen at the most inopportune times and, when consistently repeated over time, can mount frustrations and diminish worker morale. A Managed Print solution will proactively schedule preventative maintenance to minimize downtime and keep supplies stocked so you never run out of toner.

You Better Watch Out!

Building on the servicing component of an overall solution is one that considers the security and compliance risk associated with an unmanaged environment. One of the greatest advantages of a Managed Print solution is the enhanced security measures it provides. While email phishing scams continue to be the top way cyber criminals gain access to sensitive data, it’s estimated that 70% of organizations have suffered a print-related data breach.

When network printers are unsecured, it creates an easy access point for hackers to steal documents and stored data without anyone ever knowing. Most multifunction printers have pre-installed security settings, but many companies fail to activate them and keep them updated. This is where partnering with an experienced Managed Print provider is crucial. You may have the best technology, but without the best partner to implement and maintain proper security settings, you won’t reap those benefits.

Find out Who’s Been Naughty or Nice

The ability to monitor print output is eye-opening for many organizations, and can pinpoint areas for improvement. Knowing what’s being printed, how much, where and by whom can help determine areas that could reduce compliance risk as well as save your company money. A Managed Print provider can set up rules-based printing to reduce unnecessary paper use and provide guidance to various departments on how to improve printing security and efficiencies.

Save Some Jingle

For companies seeking ways to trim budgets, a Managed Print solution can be a major differentiator. Not only can organizations create efficiencies and reduce downtime, they also can reduce paper and supply waste.

Most documents don’t require expensive color copies, for example. Default settings can be put in place to automatically print in black and white, and even more money can be saved by setting up machines to print on both sides of the paper, potentially cutting paper costs in half.

Many companies are surprised that, after a thorough assessment from a Managed Print provider, they can likely reduce the number of printers in their fleets while increasing efficiencies and eliminating outdated machines that require frequent and costly repairs. Overall, companies can save as much as 30% on printing costs and have predictable monthly expenses to help even out cash flows. 

As your organization looks ahead to the New Year and considers various cost-saving initiatives, take a look at your overall printing expenses. Chances are, you’ll be able to experience significant cost savings and many other benefits that can make your days more merry and bright. To learn more, check out our free infographic below, and reach out to one of our experts for a free, no-obligation consultation.

From the Gordon Flesch family to yours, have a joyous and blessed holiday season.

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