4 Dangers of Not Having a Managed Print Program

Patrick Flesch
Author: Patrick Flesch Date: 05/25/2017

Some companies are able to take simple, practical steps that help cut down on paper consumption, but there are many other factors related to the efficient (and safe) use of network printers that should be considered. Working with a Managed Print services provider can reduce the frustrations of maintaining printers, scanners and other devices, and help a company avoid these four dangers.

1. External Cyber Threats 

Offices today feature printers with multiple functions that can send email, scan, store and, yes, even print documents. Many of these devices are unprotected, however, and any sensitive information can be exposed. If proper security measures aren’t in place, such as authorized user lists, hard drive encryption and swipe-to-print technology, it leaves data vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Some analysts suggest that printers pose the greatest security risk to companies, and it’s estimated that 70% have suffered a print-related data breach. If a network printer is unsecured, hackers can intercept documents or access stored data without anyone ever knowing, exposing sensitive employee information, classified product data and more. Even if printers are equipped with various security settings, if they’re not activated and properly configured and updated, they could provide an entry point for malware or viruses.

A managed print provider will put measures in place to proactively address security threats and update software, firmware and schedule regular assessments to make sure your systems are up to date.

2. Internal Security and Compliance

The scenario isn’t all that uncommon: An executive prints a confidential email about a business acquisition before heading to a board meeting and, before he retrieves it, an employee grabs it off the printer. The story could lead in a thousand directions depending on what the employee chooses to do with the information—from silence to social media.

While headlines talk about cybersecurity, the threat of paper documents ending up in the wrong hands should be just as concerning. Some studies show that 50% of employees regularly see confidential documents left in printer trays. Managed Print can minimize internal security and compliance concerns by establishing authorized users, job tracking and other measures.

3. Inefficiency

It seems inevitable that, when you’re preparing for an important presentation and need to print off multiple documents, you get the dreaded “low toner” symbol. Or perhaps paper jams have become your nemesis. Before you know it, multiple people are coming to your aid to sort through supply drawers in search of ink cartridges or peering into printer compartments in an attempt to remedy the situation. While you appreciate the assistance, the downtime and inefficiency is costing the company lost productivity and money.

A Managed Print solution can proactively identify potential printing problems and solve them, often before employees ever know there’s an issue. In addition, the service can schedule preventative maintenance checkups, gauge printer use and replenish supplies so you never run out of printer ink again!

4. Environmental Impact

Many companies are enacting green initiatives in a good-faith effort to reduce their environmental footprints. Plus, eco-friendly practices garner the appreciation of employees and the public alike. A Managed Print solution can dramatically lessen paper waste and help kickstart a recycling program. In addition to reducing raw material waste like paper, Managed Print can reduce equipment maintenance, ink and toner. Consider the employee who ran multiple one-sided color copies of a booklet when he or she could have used black and white ink or, even better, simply scanned it and emailed a quality digital version. By not reducing wasted paper and supplies, a business not only has a negative impact on the environment, they experience a negative impact on business.

Is your network susceptible to any of these dangers? A reputable Managed Print services provider can help identify if and where yours is vulnerable. There are many risks in business; your printer doesn’t need to be one of them.

See how a Managed Print service can improve business practices, increase security, reduce waste and save money for your business by requesting a free, no obligation consultation. Contact us today.

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