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Why GFC Is Managed Print

Kelly Glaser

In 2012, the Racine Unified School District had 109 multifunction machines and 2,100 single function printers across 32 schools. The Gordon Flesch Company took over management of the school’s printer fleet and reduced that to 4 single function printers and 319 multi-function machines. Four years later, GFC again optimized the environment, replacing all the machines with 286 new multi-function devices, eliminating 33 underutilized printers.

According to the district’s annual report, this changeover resulted in an annual cost savings of $70,000 in addition to a $92,000 energy rebate. The Gordon Flesch Company also helped the district revitalize its print production facility in the central office so that staff could have large print jobs done quickly and more cost-effectively.

On the surface, that kind of consolidation and cost savings is exactly what a Managed Print solution should offer. But for GFC, that is just half the story.

What We Mean When We Say Managed Print

The Racine Unified School District certainly enjoys the cost savings and consolidated infrastructure our Managed Print Solution delivered. However, the Gordon Flesch Company defines Managed Print much more broadly than your typical Managed Print Service (MPS) company.

Most MPS companies deliver what I call a break/fix model, in that they install printers, monitor and manage them and fix things only when the machine stops working. We have always taken a more proactive approach- monitoring usage and wear and tear so that we can service machines and keep them running without interruption.

But the real breakthrough for us was when we realized that it is not enough to manage and service the machines we install. We know that most of our customers have all kinds of print-related machines and devices, not just the multifunction machines, copiers, and printers GFC installs and operate. This might include an older laser printer that one department installed years ago, a single function machine on an executive’s desk that they refuse to give up, or any other device that is connected to your network.

We Mean Everything Print

Our goal is to manage the entire fleet of printers and devices so that any organization can get control of everything related to its printed output- machines, toner, paper, and productivity. We don’t ask our customers to give up all of their old machines once they start working with us. However, we found that when old machines stay on the network unmanaged, they can cause unintended problems. “Before GFC, there was no way to determine how much the district was spending on printers and supplies or even how many machines we owned,” says Shannon Powell, Special Projects Manager with the Racine Unified School District.

Even worse, we know that that if machines are not properly updated or patched, they can become a security liability. And malfunctioning machines degrade and destroy the experience for everyone with the company. Meanwhile, unmanaged devices undermine the value of our remote monitoring and just-in-time supply and toner delivery system.

What’s the alternative? We call it “All Things Print,” and it is the foundation of our imageCARE Managed Print Program. Our goal is to take all those devices under management and, using analytics and remote monitoring, help you maximize the efficiency of your machines, regardless of their age, origin, or function within the company. 

Our promise is to continually monitor and analyze your print devices, install updates, remotely monitor performance 24/7, proactively maintain equipment, address potential security threats and assess changing needs as your company grows to identify even more ways you could save time and valuable resources. We’ll be there for the long term, so you never have to worry about your printers again.

Today’s Managed Print solutions can benefit organizations of all sizes in unexpected ways. If you’d like to discover the benefits of a Managed Print program for your organization, contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation Managed Print Needs Assessment.

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