5 Warning Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Copier

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A good photocopier is the workhorse of most offices. It’s the place everyone runs before a meeting to grab handouts, presentations and maybe gossip about the new office manager. It’s such a steady presence that it’s easy to take your office copier for granted — as long as it’s working.

But there inevitably comes a time when that workhorse starts to slow down or act up when you’re trying to get work done. Savvy office workers often find workarounds and keep these machines running despite some problematic behavior. But how do you know when it’s time to put your copier out to pasture and consider contacting a Managed Print provider to know your options?

1. Changing Security Protocols

Copiers are a security risk because many organizations aren't taking the necessary steps to protect them or the data passing through the machines. One of the most critical moves — changing the default password to something strong and unique — is too often never taken. But even if your copier has been secured, many older machines simply don’t have the newest security protocols available. Most of the information in your company is probably transferred between your computer network and your copier, and much of it may be confidential. Newer copiers include password protection and encrypted hard drives, and have the latest network protocols installed to keep that data safe. Your older copier may not.

2. Getting Parts is Getting Harder

Manufacturers generally offer replacement parts for machines for several years after the last one leaves the assembly line. However, at some point, the only parts available might be aftermarket parts of varying quality or repurposed parts. Often it becomes impossible to even find individual parts as many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) only provide complete assemblies (copier drum or imaging units, transfer belt assemblies, etc.) but not individual components.

At the Gordon Flesch Company, we have a “boneyard” filled with hundreds of machines that we can strip for parts to keep almost any make and model running. Plus, our technicians have decades of experience and know-how to make sure your machines have the longest possible lifespan. However, there is always a point of diminishing returns and, if parts wear down multiple times, it’s probably time to consider a newer machine. 

3. Copying Costs Keep Going Up

Many office managers will do some simple math to calculate how much the cost of your toner or ink is costing your company, and then they divide it by the total amount of output you get from a machine. Most copiers that need replacement have a lower productive rate while the raw material it consumes goes up and up.

Instead of spending more on a machine that is less productive, you can invest in a new one that has a lower printing cost. Newer copiers are much more efficient because they use fewer consumables (toners, drums, developer units, etc.), and have higher energy efficiency. This means that the cost per print is reduced. Sadly, when we talk to a new customer, we often find that they were paying their old provider more on service charges and materials than they were paying each month to lease or own the machine.

4. New Technology Has Passed You By

If you haven’t used a modern copier, you might be amazed at all the new features they include. Older machines lack the sleek touch screens and fast processing of a modern machine. You can do all kinds of formatting and modifications on a newer device that simply was not available a few years ago. And many older machines don’t work well with modern operating systems or print drivers, limiting functionality. If you’re frustrated with the capabilities of your printer — or the lack thereof — it’s time to schedule a demo and see what a newer copier can do.

5. Your Machine Is a Resource Hog

Every office should try to be greener and more eco-friendly. Newer copiers create less waste and have much lower power consumption than machines made just a few years ago. But in addition to being more environmentally conscious, modern copiers are also more cost effective. So why not be eco-friendly and save some money at the same time? 

The Gordon Flesch Company is the largest independent Canon dealer in the nation, and we’d love to show you how our print experts can help you get the most out of your current copier fleet in addition to helping you learn about newer options. Reach out to us today for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your print production needs.

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