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3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Print Management

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Did you know every time a printer goes down it can cost about 22 minutes a day in lost productivity? Or that 60% of businesses have data stolen due to printer security breaches? What if I told you unmanaged printers cost companies up to 28% in wasted resources?

A lot of organizations take those statistics for granted. If your printers break down, or paper and toner get wasted, it’s often considered the cost of doing business. And who has time to even think about printer security, when there are so many other IT issues facing a business today?

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your printers should be a cost-effective and productivity-enhancing tool, not a source of frustration.

A printer fleet is not your main IT priority, and it never should be. We believe that managing a printer fleet is best left to print and security specialists. Here is what print management can do for a business struggling to support a fleet of printers.


There are very few, if any, companies in the world that have printer technicians on staff. We also know that having access to experienced printer technicians can pay huge dividends in repair costs and lowered downtime. A fleet manager should have experienced technicians offering specialized technical training to understand your entire fleet’s unique functions and can perform preventative maintenance and machine cleaning.

For example, at Gordon Flesch Company (GFC), all service calls require that a Service Technician not only respond to the issue identified by the client’s call for service but also provide a quality assurance check. The quality assurance check examines all elements of the equipment to determine the need for additional service or parts, along with manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance. This process ensures the maximum equipment uptime and minimizes downtime. With every service call performed by a Service Technician, a cleaning of the equipment is also provided.


A printer fleet management service will ensure your printer is no longer a potential security risk, as cybersecurity protections and security options can be enforced. Round-the-clock remote monitoring of your printers will proactively address potential problems before they occur — minimizing downtime and associated costs. And businesses can put measures in place to meet compliance rules and reporting requirements — like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other federal mandates.

We are firm believers that adoption of print security measures monitored by a managed service partner can lock down a printer fleet. According to a Quocirca survey, 35% of organizations say managed print services (MPS) is one of their top IT investment priorities. The survey found:

  • The most commonly implemented security measure is a formal procedure for responding to print security incidents (48%).
  • As more workers are remote, 48% of businesses have revised their security policies for home printers.
  • Follow-me printing, where output can only be released to authenticated users, is now employed in 44% of businesses.


A print management partner can also deploy advanced features like print-to-release, in which pages are not printed until the user logs into a machine. Some of our MPS customers have seen the swipe to release function cut paper usage in half almost immediately, eliminating backed-up printers and lowering toner costs. Plus, a managed print service can also take control of your toner delivery, meaning you never have more ink/toner than you need and don’t have wasted storage space for toner boxes.

For example, before working with GFC, Cardinal Stritch University had more than 300 printers and copiers but had very little control over how they were used. Thanks to the implementation of just-in-time delivery of our imageCARE+ program, the University is using 20% less toner and supplies. 

If you’d like to discover the benefits of an MPS program for your organization, contact us today or check out our Guide to Managed Print Services. Our experienced team of Business Analysts can deploy all of these solutions and more.    

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