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How a Managed Print Program Can Save You Money

Patrick Flesch

For small and medium sized businesses, finding ways to save money is critical in order to achieve their growth goals. There are plenty of obvious ways to cut costs, but one of the most overlooked is by implementing a managed print program through a Managed Print Service (MPS) provider. A managed print program can help improve print workflow efficiencies, reduce waste and save up to 30% on printing costs. Those are just a few examples of how a managed print program can save you money, and below we outline others.

Print Analysis

Before you can start saving money you need to know how much you’re currently spending and where you’re spending money unnecessarily. A managed print program will analyze your print output to find areas that can be improved upon. 

With this kind of program in place, you’ll know exactly:

  • what’s being printed
  • how much is being printed
  • by who
  • and where

Knowing every detail can help you locate areas of overlap and inefficiency that could be costing your business thousands of dollars each year. You’ll be able to monitor it month to month, week to week, or even day to day to help truly optimize your printing.

From here, you can put in place rules-based printing to reduce unnecessary paper use and ensure the right device is being used for every print job; this will allow you to have a predictable cost each month and simplify budgeting. You’ll no longer be required to guess how much you’re spending on printing costs each month because you’ll know exactly how much you need.

Print Output Equipment Assessment

Every piece of equipment wears down and eventually has an issue of some sort, whether it’s a minor paper jam or a major part needing replacement. Knowing the status of your fleet and whether or not it’s obsolete, and being proactive rather than reactive when issues arise, can save your business hours of downtime and the frustrations of dealing with faulty equipment.

A managed print program will continuously monitor your devices and alert your MPS provider when a piece of equipment is nearing the end of its life or is in need of repair. In addition to knowing the status of the equipment, you’ll be able to monitor the status of your ink and toner and have it automatically order supplies. Your machines will see reduced downtime and will free up your IT team to focus on more important, in-house projects that are critical to your business.

Enhanced Security

Many companies are printing sensitive information that, without the right tools in place, could fall into the wrong hands and cause significant damage. With a managed print program, you’ll be able to use enhanced security features to ensure your information is secure at all times. 

With output management software, a key component of managed print programs, you can also implement a wide variety of features that will significantly impact your bottom line. Things like cloud printing, mobile print release, intelligent rules, authentication and auditing, cost recovery and scanning security will not only help improve workflows, reduce inefficiencies and save you money, but also give you peace of mind knowing that your information is safe and secure.

Each business has unique printing needs, find out today how a managed print program can save your business money. For a free, no-obligation consultation on how you can improve your business technology environment, contact us today.

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