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The Real Benefits of Managed Print for Your Business

Kelly Moran

It’s not uncommon to hear from businesses — both large and small — about the conveniences that their Managed Print service provides. While the convenience does offer value, the additional benefits are far-reaching and can result in significant savings in time, money and resources.

Wondering what the real impact can be? Here are several ways implementing Managed Print can improve your business processes and enhance its profitability.


Printer problems seem to occur at the most inopportune times — right before that big presentation or when you’re facing a deadline. When employees don’t have to deal with paper jams, out-of-stock ink and toner cartridges or troubleshooting printer errors, they can work more efficiently and experience less stress and downtime, which directly translates to excess labor costs. Having to deal with everyday printer issues may not seem like a major problem, but the cumulative impact of lost productivity over time adds up and erodes profitability.

With a Managed Print solution, potential problems are often handled proactively before employees ever know there’s an issue. Paper, ink and toner supplies are replenished, upgrades are performed and preventative checkups keep things running smoothly.

IT Support

Your IT department is tasked with maintaining a host of critical functions — computers, software upgrades, server maintenance, equipment networks, data security, etc. When they’re distracted by printer issues, it can detract from their regular responsibilities. Managed Print allows IT to remain focused and better serve the operational and strategic functions of your company.


Managed Print not only frees up IT personnel, it also supports them in their efforts to secure data. Proper security is essential for today’s businesses, and unprotected data poses a security risk. Network printers are highly technical machines that are used to send email, scan, store data and more, and they often are unsecured...and often overlooked. This opens a virtual door for hackers to install malicious malware or intercept data.

Everything from sensitive customer and employee information to classified trade secrets may be accessible through network printers. A Managed Print provider will ensure that every possible security measure is put in place and will stay on top of software updates to proactively address any necessary system needs.

Cost Savings

Implementing a Managed Print service not only makes sense from a productivity and security standpoint, it also can save up to 30% on printing costs. Here are some ways a Managed Print solution can impact an organization’s budget.

  • Fixed monthly billing — When you contract with a Managed Print provider, you’ll be able to anticipate printer-related expenses, even out cash flow and reduce associated administrative costs.

  • Reduce waste and recycle — Did you know that an estimated 50% of printed documents never get read? That’s a lot of paper and a lot of wasted money. Because of the environmentally friendly nature of Managed Print, paper waste is reduced and energy consumption goes down. When a recycling program is also adopted, fewer machines and toner cartridges end up in landfills, aligning with many green initiatives.

  • Equipment Maintenance — Maintenance and replacement costs for aging hardware can quickly escalate. Outsourcing your print services will replace outdated and inefficient machines with the latest technology and equipment, and the regularly scheduled maintenance and check-ups will result in fewer service calls and issues.

  • Fewer supplies and printers — A Managed Print consultant can help assess your current print needs and make recommendations based on current use and printing practices. Often, it’s determined that a company has more printers than are really needed based on frequency of use or new processes and protocols that are put in place. The managed reorders of paper and toner cartridges also result in fewer supplies to take up valuable space and resources.

  • Reduced Labor — Time is money. As mentioned, the reduced downtime of administrative staff, IT and other affected personnel should be considered when factoring your ROI. Managed Print also can lead to a more satisfied workforce that feels supported in their roles rather than having to deal with the frustrations caused by broken down printers, depleted supplies and heightened security concerns. Improved employee satisfaction leads to better retention and a reduction in the high cost of staff turnover.

Investing in a Managed Print service can improve processes and security and generate revenue growth. If you’d like to assess the benefits that Managed Print can bring to your business, contact one of our experts at Gordon Flesch for a free, no obligation consultation.

To learn additional benefits of Managed Print, download our Beginner’s Guide to Managed Print by clicking the image below.

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