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5 Technology Changes Modern Schools Are Making for 2023

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Educational technology is evolving as more teachers are adapting to connected, collaborative learning environments. These changes may look a little different at individual schools. However, we have found similar technology trends at multiple educational institutions, that we’d like to share with you.

These technology changes have been found to increase collaboration between students, streamline processes for staff and often save money during the annual budgeting process.

Evaluating the technology at your school? Here’s 5 technology changes we’ve seen schools make, with great results! 

  1. Optimize Your Printer Fleet
  2. Consider Managed Print
  3. Outsource Cybersecurity Work
  4. Include Multimedia in the Classroom with Interactive Whiteboard Displays
  5. Use an Enterprise Content Management Solution

1. Optimize Your Printer Fleet

Is your technology helping your staff save time and other resources? Or is it costing you more than you realize?

A review of your school’s printing and office technology needs might identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. This can be done by internal staff or outsourced.

In fact, a skilled Managed Print provider can conduct this assessment with just a 30-minute, on-site meeting – many even offer this service for free.

Oftentimes, this review will show that a school could do more by upgrading and reducing their number of devices. An easy win to save money in your budget!

MANAGED PRINT CASE STUDY: Marquette University

2. Consider Managed Print

A knowledgeable Managed Print Services (MPS) partner could be a beneficial addition to your school. Making more effective use of your school’s technology could save time for your staff and streamline processes – plus, it could save money.

A MPS partner can evaluate your needs, suggest hardware and software solutions, map out where these devices should optimally be placed and provide just-in-time toner or other printing supplies. An excellent MPS partner will also provide fast, courteous troubleshooting service when needed and will provide proactive maintenance to reduce the need for future service calls – saving time and reducing hassle for your busy IT staff. MPS is an economical investment that helps schools get more done

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3. Outsource Cybersecurity Work 

Do your servers need upgrading? Wireless network needs some help? Or maybe your computers need an operating system update? These are all perfect projects to carve out from your IT team’s endless “to do” list and outsource to a Technology Management Provider.

Elevity is a skilled Technology Management Provider and a part of the Gordon Flesch Company. Elevity offers both managed and co-managed IT services. However, co-managed IT services in particular, allow schools to augment their internal IT team with Elevity’s expertise, thereby filling in any skill or knowledge gaps on the internal team. 

4. Include Multimedia in the Classroom with Interactive Whiteboard Displays

Multimedia encourages collaboration. That’s why today’s technology enables new ways to communicate and learn. Technology breaks down the barrier of classroom walls and allows a classroom to become anywhere a student has a computer and an internet connection.

That’s why many schools have implemented Interactive Whiteboard Displays (IWDs) to encourage innovate and hands-on collaboration whether students are physically in the classroom or are learning remotely.

IWDs are versatile and give teachers the flexibility to allow students to learn through visual, auditory or hands-on collaborative interactions. In fact, with online screen recording tools a multimedia presentation can be created right from the content on the board.

5. Use an Enterprise Content Management Solution

Schools are now increasingly using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to digitize, streamline and manage student records – securely. ECM solutions allow organizations to leverage data and increase efficiencies while reducing the need for paper forms, searching through filing cabinets of information or typing the same student data into multiple software programs. Even colleges and universities have found this software to be game-changing as it can connect student records and invoice billing programs.

By taking a closer look at your school’s technology needs, you will be on your way towards updating and modernizing your school for future use.

Not sure where to start? Contact the experts at the Gordon Flesch Company to schedule your free, no-obligation needs assessment. It only takes 30 minutes, but it could put your staff on the path to increased productivity and more time spent with their students!

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