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The Best ECM Software Options for Educational Institutions

Courtney Wulf

Educational institutions are always looking for ways to run more efficiently and cut costs in order to meet their budgetary needs. One emerging trend to accomplish this is to implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that has a wide variety of features for finding, sorting and archiving student paper work in a paper-lite, or even paper free, school environment.

Document Management

Educational institutions are required to store thousands of student records, and sorting through and locating a particular document in file cabinets can take hours and cause frustration among the staff. With a proper ECM solution in place, you’ll be able to digitize all of your documents into a universal repository that allows you to filter, search and locate documents quickly and easily, eliminating the need for file cabinets altogether.

ECM document management goes beyond student related paperwork. A central storage system can be used for storing staff and employee records, contracts, payroll records and other documents that you may need to access efficiently.

Business Process Management Workflow

Instead of handing off hardcopy versions of documents for review and approval and waiting weeks for the document to return using, ECM software can help streamline the process. With business process management workflows, your institution will be able to set up rules-based routing to ensure documents move from one staff member to the next in a timely fashion, all while being able to monitor its progress in the moment.

Electronic Forms

If paper-lite or paper-free is what you’re trying to accomplish, implementing the use of electronic forms for your institution is a great option. ECM software allows you to design and modify a variety of forms in minutes, without prior programming experience. Electronic forms naturally reduce paper use, but there are other hidden benefits such as cutting staff time spent on data entry, preventing errors associated with manual processes, automating submissions and routing to the correct staff members.


While it might sound difficult to convert all of your paper documents into digital files, proper capture tools simplify the process. Scanning tools that can be integrated into your current systems allow you to run files through your scanner and have them automatically converted and put into the correct location. If you’re on the go, some capture tools will even allow you to take a picture with your mobile phone and store documents.

A proper Enterprise Content Management solution can offer software that will help your educational institution cut costs, improve services and avoid risks. Contact an expert at Gordon Flesch Company for a free consultation to learn how an Enterprise Content Management system can improve your business.

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