Is Managed Print Right for My Organization? 3 Signs It’s a Smart Investment

Mark Flesch
Author: Mark Flesch Date: 10/23/2018

Businesses of all sizes are now turning to Managed Print Services (MPS) to save money, time and resources. In addition to enjoying the benefits of improved control, performance and security, managed print strategies can save companies up to 30% on their printing costs. But how do you know if managed print is right for your business?

Here are some of the signs that say it is:

1) You Have Unexpected Print-Related And IT Expenses

Month-to-month spending on printing can be unpredictable, but one of the main benefits of a Managed Print Services provider is that you pay a consistent monthly rate for your printing needs. If you are having difficulty planning for the future because of unexpected costs, such as a machine breaking down, managed print could be your solution. 

Instead of trying to foresee these expenses and rushing to fix a problem when it arises, your Managed Print Services provider can mitigate these issues with their help desk support, remote device monitoring and predictable monthly rates. A managed print provider will also likely perform routine maintenance and checkups to help ensure everything is working properly and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown occurring in the first place.

2) You Have Noticed Wasted Time And Resources In Your Print Environment

How many people does it take to fix a paper jam? There is no punchline — lost productivity is no joke. The vision of several employees gathered around a copier with every paper tray open and someone peering inside is a reality for many organizations...and a costly one. From causing unnecessary downtime and staff intervention, printing too many extra pages, to using color printing for documents that could be printed in black-and-white, there are many wasteful practices that could be costing your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity and resources.

Managed print helps you eliminate these wasteful practices, as well as ensure you have the most optimized print environment possible. With MPS, you can consolidate your print fleet to include only the most efficient, updated and necessary equipment, while getting rid of outdated machines that are only costing you money. MPS will help optimize workflows, which will make your employees less frustrated and more productive as they spend less time worrying about printing or trying to fix outdated or broken equipment.

Learn how Managed Print Services can save you time, money and reduce  frustrations.

3) You Want Additional Security

Managed Print Services providers offer a vast improvement to your business’ security, both in terms of devices and documents. MPS providers ensure your company is up to date on associated laws and requirements, so you no longer have to worry about compliance as it relates to your printers’ data security. 

MPS also offers device authentication and document encryption, which prevents unauthorized access to documents and networks. Swipe to print technology, authorized document release and more help ensure that confidential information won’t end up in the wrong hands — whether from a cyber threat or internally when someone retrieves a document from the printer that was intended for someone else’s eyes only. 

MPS providers can also offer you Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, which will cut down on paper usage by digitizing many of your documents using a trusted security provider. If you partner with an MPS provider, you will also have a full audit trail, which will only further improve your security. 

Managed Print Services can improve a business’ efficiencies, security and environmental footprint while cutting down on overall and unforeseen expenses. With the right MPS provider, like the experts at the Gordon Flesch Company, you can consume less energy and paper resources, and your employees will get more done with an improved print workflow. 

Today’s printers are highly functional machines that require robust security, so be sure to check out our infographic below that highlights some major cybersecurity risks with outdated equipment. And, if you think your organization could benefit from a Managed Print program, contact us today for a free, no-obligation Managed Print Needs Assessment!

Cybersecurity For Your Printer

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