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How to Successfully Manage the Healthcare Data Lifecycle

Healthcare Printing
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The financial pains are worsening for many healthcare facilities. Increases in inflation and wages coupled with the difficulty in finding qualified personnel to fill vacant positions are stretching healthcare facilities to the limit. That’s why many are searching for ways to streamline their processes, share resources and save money.

Business technology is a budgetary item that is often overlooked as an area to review and streamline in the management of the healthcare data lifecycle.

Let’s take a closer look at some trends we’ve found within the healthcare vertical.


Multiple Programs Create Confusion

Oftentimes, healthcare facilities have two separate printing systems – managed by two separate teams.

The first is the system of printers typically used to print patient documentation, such as post-visit instructions or additional educational information. These single-function, A3-sized printers are usually found in the front office or reception area of a facility as patient documentation is commonly printed on 8.5” x 11” paper. An IT Team at the healthcare facility typically manages these printers and their vendor contracts.

In contrast, healthcare facilities have back office staff who have printing-related needs as well. In this case, it is common to find multifunction devices (MFDs) in these offices as staff use these devices for scanning, copying and faxing – in addition to printing. Also, printing needs are a bit more variable in the back office as 11” x 17” paper is often used to print spreadsheets and other larger-sized documents. But 8.5” x 11” paper is also commonly used, which is why back office MFDs usually have multiple-sized paper trays. The Purchasing department typically manages these printers and their vendor contracts.

Having two separate print programs running in parallel to each other, duplicates management processes and can create unnecessary confusion during the budgeting process.

Finding Ways to Streamline While Saving Both Time and Money 

A Managed Print Services (MPS) partner could eliminate unnecessary devices and provide centralized support and management for your print network.

The first step is to conduct a needs assessment to determine where the devices are currently located and how they are used. This will give direction to creating a roadmap for better efficiency. In fact, we’ve often found that healthcare facilities can increase their efficiency by updating, reducing and strategically locating their devices to optimize their fleet.

Follow-me secure printing software also ensures confidential records are not accidentally printed or left sitting on a printer. This software enables a user to scan a badge or input a PIN to release a print job while they are physically at the printing device.

A MPS partner can also provide you with data on the printing habits of your staff. Identifying trends can put a healthcare facility in a proactive stance to adjust device placement to better meet the needs of staff and make their workday easier. Streamline – to save both time and money!

Flexible Contracts with Options 

If you are searching for flexibility, a MPS partner can offer you options. Increasingly, businesses are choosing to lease equipment instead of purchasing. This option can help to conserve capital, provide a hedge against inflation and reduce the risk of equipment obsolescence.

At Gordon Flesch Company (GFC), we have our own fully managed, in-house leasing division – no third-party involvement. We offer step payment or deferred payment lease terms and guarantee no hidden fees or surprises for end-of-term buyouts.

Working with a MPS partner can also include options such as Just-in-Time toner delivery. Sauk Prairie Healthcare in Wisconsin adopted GFC’s Just-in-Time delivery system as a part of their managed print contract and eliminated their stockpile of supplies. Now they receive toner just as the equipment needs it. 

Enterprise Content Management 

Many healthcare offices are searching for ways to digitize patient records. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are helping these practices to not only manage their data, but to strategically leverage it to facilitate growth.

Private practices, direct primary care clinics, urgent care clinics, chiropractic clinics and physical therapy clinics have found success with ECM systems to manage, store and organize data. The software streamlines business processes and allows healthcare providers to increase efficiencies, improve compliance and make more strategic business decisions. 

How Can I Start Streamlining and Saving? 

Are you searching for cost savings or surfing for more tips on how to successfully manage your healthcare data lifecycle? Contact the Gordon Flesch Company to learn more about our hassle-free imageCARE+ print management and Laserfiche® ECM solutions.

Healthcare work is a 24/7 industry. That’s why healthcare facilities need technology that can meet these demands. Click the link below to learn more about how intelligent print management can benefit your healthcare facility. 

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