What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Managed Print Provider

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Not all Managed Print Services (MPS) providers are alike. That’s why it’s best to do your research before signing a MPS agreement.

Your first step should be to learn more about the MPS provider. Look at their website, customer reviews, etc. Working with an established MPS provider means that you will be able to leverage their experience in designing and managing solutions for a wide range of organizations.

The next step is to ask in-depth questions to help you choose the right MPS provider for your organization. Here’s a short list to get you started. 

  1. How will they evaluate your current equipment and future needs?
  2. Which printing device manufacturers do they work with – and why?
  3. What will go into designing a Managed Print solution for your organization?
  4. Are financing options available?
  5. Which printer security protocol options are available?
  6. What type of ongoing office technology strategic planning services do they offer? 

How will they evaluate your current equipment and future needs?

A thorough needs assessment starts by taking inventory of your current print fleet. An expert MPS provider will also use a floorplan of your offices to map out the location of each device. This information provides a snapshot of the way your print fleet looks today.

Next, the MPS provider will ask open-ended questions about how you currently use each machine and what your business goals are. This, combined with use data from your print fleet will reveal any gaps or opportunities for fleet improvement. 

Which printing device manufacturers do they work with – and why?

MPS providers often partner with business technology brands that share the same values and goals as they do. And partnership has its advantages, as MPS providers typically receive extensive training in the management and repair of these devices.

Ask the provider which hardware and software brands they commonly recommend. Then ask them WHY. This is when you’ll learn about the MPS provider’s history with their manufacturing vendors and the value that they will bring to you.

What will go into designing a Managed Print solution for your organization?

The data gathered earlier about your current fleet and future needs will serve well in designing a solution for your organization. With this data, your Managed Print provider will craft a solution designed to meet your unique needs. When presented with the proposal, be sure to ask the provider how these choices within the solution address your specific needs.

Are you searching for a solution that increases your productivity, reduces waste, encourages print security, saves money or lessens the printer management burden on your IT staff? Make sure it is addressed in the proposal. And ask additional questions if you need further clarification.

The more information you have, the better prepared you’ll be when answering questions from your C-suite during budgeting discussions.

Are financing options available?

More and more organizations are choosing to lease their business equipment. Leasing equipment helps to provide predictable and fixed monthly payments, provide a hedge against inflation and reduce your risk of equipment obsolescence.

But not all leasing services are the same. A MPS provider with in-house leasing services could offer additional flexibility for your organization. In fact, the in-house leasing services provided by Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) offer flexibility in term length, lease options and straightforward end-of-term buyouts.

In-house leasing also means that there’s no third-party involvement, as your lease will be managed by the associates of your MPS provider. 

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Which printer security protocol options are available?

Printer security is crucial for both your print fleet and your organization’s network. Knowing your options for printer fleet set-up, firmware management and end-of-life measures now will enhance your overall security.

For example, GFC customers can select the firmware management option that works best for their organization. Choices include:

  • Automatic firmware downloads
  • Using centralized management tools to download updates yourself, on your own schedule
  • Or firmware update checks and downloads when a Technician is onsite for service

What type of ongoing office technology strategic planning services do they offer?

For print fleet optimization, regular reviews are needed to evaluate fleet data and determine if any changes are necessary. A true partner in MPS will provide you with a data dashboard for instant information along with periodic meetings to discuss the analysis of your data.

In this manner, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your print fleet efforts are aligned with your organizational goals. If not, then adjustments can be made to better optimize your print fleet.

In addition, expert MPS partners often offer a wide range of other office technology products and services. Be sure to ask about these to discover more ways to streamline processes and gain efficiencies.

Hassle-Free Print Management

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