How a Unified Communication Solution Improves Productivity

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Traditional communication systems are often unconnected and disjointed. In fact, studies have shown that on average it takes an office worker 23 minutes to fully get back on task after needing to switch between communication systems.

These switches are often represented by desk phone calls, paper documents in filing cabinets, meetings in a physical conference room, etc. Having everything that you need, right at your fingertips, all in one connected system is a time saver. And a game changer in office productivity!

Let’s take a closer look at these eight reasons that show how a Unified Communication (UC) solution improves productivity:

  1. Automates Routine Tasks
  2. Boosts Hybrid Team Collaboration with Video Conferencing
  3. Improves Security
  4. Unified Interface and One Login
  5. Versatile User Experience
  6. Data Analytics to Aid Productivity Discussions
  7. Increased Uptime
  8. Flexibility that Enhances Creativity

Automates Routine Tasks

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often have employees who fill multiple roles. These busy people are always on the lookout for ways to streamline their workload. For example, an AI-enabled chatbot can be added to a UC solution with a call center module. Chatbots can efficiently automate routine tasks and have been found to improve the user experience. 

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Boosts Hybrid Team Collaboration with Video Conferencing

Video conferencing tools allow hybrid teams to communicate and collaborate face-to-face – the same as being together in a physical conference room. They also are a key tool for geographically dispersed teams.

UC solutions can also boost team collaboration experience by combining a video conference with file access for online document collaboration – in real time! Meeting attendees can view the document, discuss edits and make changes – together. No need for long email chains or multiple document versions. 

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Improves Security

SMBs are often targeted by cybercriminals because they may not have the same level of security resources as larger organizations. UC solutions improve the security posture of all your communications. In fact, most platforms include built-in security, updated on a regular basis – ready to thwart lurking cyberattacks.

Unified Interface and One Login

Traditional phone systems are separate from other forms of electronic communication. This can significantly hamper productivity. If users must jump around in between different systems for chat, voice, video conferencing and file collaboration – they’ll waste time. On the other hand, having an integrated UC solution with a unified interface and one login streamlines processes and keeps employee attention focused. 

Versatile User Experience

A UC solution will provide freedom and mobility for your staff – perfect for hybrid workforces! They can make and receive calls, join video meetings, and answer chats from their computer or mobile phone. Help your employees get more done, wherever they are.

Data Analytics to Aid Productivity Discussions

Another reason why UC solutions proactively support productivity is call analytics. You can track the usage and performance of customer-facing roles, such as contact center or customer service staff. By viewing this data, it’s easy to spot trends and patterns that can help you optimize efficiency.

For example, if data shows that call length and wait times have been significantly longer than projected, this may negatively impact the productivity of your employees (and the experience of your customers!) Instead, use these analytics to dig into why this is happening. Based on what you learn, you might want to develop new training techniques or decide to hire more staff to ease the workload of current employees.

Increased Uptime

Reliability is key to productivity as it promotes uptime and decreases your chances of extended downtime. If a platform has quality issues or constant outages, your employees will be unable to communicate or collaborate – affecting their productivity.

Before purchasing a UC solution, check the uptime guarantee in the proposed service level agreement. Many UC providers offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. This statistic may look good, but it also means that your organization could experience up to 8.76 hours of downtime a year. A better bet is to search for a UC provider offering a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee. That’s a maximum of only 5.26 minutes of downtime per year. 

Flexibility That Enhances Creativity

Another advantage of UC solutions is that employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere they have an internet connection. This flexibility encourages more space to think, generate ideas and innovate.

For example, a UC solution with a mobile-friendly video conferencing solution allows employees to untie themselves from their office desk. They could work from home, in an airport – or even outside on a sunny day!

Wherever people need to be to unlock their creative potential is where employers should want their employees to be. UC solutions make this possible without slowing organizational productivity. 

Optimize Your Office Communications

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