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What’s Included in a Managed Print Services Agreement?

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When evaluating quotes between Managed Print Services (MPS) providers, it’s always good to know upfront what exactly is included. Knowing the differences in advance between provider offerings, could prevent unfortunate surprises after you sign an agreement that locks you into a contract. 

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Here’s what you’ll need to know when comparing MPS providers:

  1. Will They Conduct a Needs Assessment?
  2. Buy, Lease or Rent Your Devices?
  3. Service Expectations
  4. Toner or Ink Supply Procedures
  5. Device Security and Management Options
  6. Usage Reports and Account Review Cycles
  7. Billing Options 

1. Will They Conduct a Needs Assessment?

A fresh, outside perspective is often what many businesses need to optimize their print fleet. Because even if you think that your current devices are serving you well, there might be better ways to optimize your print fleet while saving money and time AND simultaneously increasing employee productivity.

You could conduct your own needs assessment, but a better bet would be to enlist the assistance of an experienced MPS provider. They will know the correct questions to ask and have knowledge of the latest advances in office business technology.

In fact, Gordon Flesch Company (GFC) is well-known for our free, comprehensive business technology needs assessments

We will review your printers/copiers/scanners along with their firmware & security features to provide you with key insights and no-obligation, budget-friendly recommendations designed to improve your workflows and efficiencies.

2. Buy, Lease or Rent Your Devices?

If you know it’s time for a change, you might be wondering whether it’s best to buy, lease or rent a copier or printer. For optimum efficiency and long-term ROI, it’s often best to consider leasing your devices. Leasing office equipment provides flexibility and also offers a fixed monthly or quarterly price.

Your leasing experience may differ between MPS competitors as many use a third party lender to service leases.

GFC is different. We provide in-house leasing services and can customize your lease agreement to align with your goals and budget. Our customers enjoy the convenience of bundling their equipment, installation and servicing all in one contract for a lease term of their choice and the option to buy out their equipment at the end of the contract. 

3. Service Expectations

When your printer breaks, you want to know who to call, when to expect them to arrive and what service will be like when they are onsite fixing the problem. That’s the basics of a service call.

But an expert MPS provider, like GFC, will not only arrive promptly to address your immediate problem they will also survey the entire device and perform any preventative maintenance necessary to keep your machine running smoothly. How’s that for service!

In addition to this, GFC offers access to their Technology Support Center staffed by trained Systems Engineers, equipped to guide customers through DIY fixes – without the need of an in-person service call.

4. Toner or Ink Supply Procedures

Toner or ink cartridges are often included in a MPS agreement. Be sure to know what the procedure will be to receive your supplies.

Just-in-time toner or ink replenishment is also an option. GFC can monitor levels remotely and send a replacement cartridge when estimated to be 20 days away from being empty. This ensures you’ll have the correct cartridges on hand, when you need them and won’t need to waste space on a printer supply closet filled with cartridges that could become obsolete before you have a chance to use them. 

5. Device Security and Management Options

It’s always good to have options. A MPS provider will typically go over their standard device security set-up measures (like changing the manufacturer default admin password), the security features built into the device and optional security features you may wish to add (such as locking paper trays, Follow Me printing or other secure fleet mobilization tools).

At GFC we’ll also offer several options so you can choose the firmware management procedure that best fits your organization along with timely information on a regular basis from our GFC Security Council. You’ll also have the option to include scheduled meetings with your GFC Account Executive to review your print fleet security measures and ensure that they stay aligned with your organizational Attitude Toward Security.

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6. Usage Reports and Account Review Cycles

Data is power, that’s why it’s important to know when and how your print fleet is being used. There are lots of great technological tool options available to add to your MPS agreement that will track printer usage and what your printer users are doing. This data can be used to control your print costs, identify problematic usage trends or bill back printing costs on a departmental or even individual level.

Your GFC Account Executive and installation crew can set you up with an easy-to-read dashboard, designed to give you print fleet data in real time. We also advise regular account review meetings with your GFC Account Executive for a deeper data dive to ensure that your print fleet is producing optimum office productivity results.

7. Billing Options

Having a MPS agreement means you’ll be able to more easily track hardware costs and make them predictable. This way, you’ll know how much you spend each month, for easier budgeting.

At GFC, you’ll have options on how your billing will be set-up. Small business or large organization, we work with companies of all sizes with billing options to fit their specific needs. 

Hassle-Free Managed Print Services

Stop guessing how much you spend on printing. Work with Gordon Flesch Company and you’ll reap the benefits of Managed Print. Contact us today, to schedule your free, business technology assessment and we’ll help you identify gaps and opportunities for improvement within your business technology fleet.

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