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GFC offers five of the most basic business needs to allow remote workers to be as productive as they are in the office. 


Understand how ECM can help you organize your data, fix broken processes, save time and money, and make your work more rewarding.


Who knows what the future may hold, but here are some trends that will affect almost all businesses in the coming year.


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Cybersecurity is not just for computers, networks and websites anymore. Learn about the threats hiding in your company right now!


The benefits of MPS go way beyond just having fewer paper jams, although that's a nice perk. See how it can help your company grow and save money, too.


See the differences of a traditional IT department vs. Managed IT with our comparison chart.


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Business Cybersecurity Checklist. Practical Tips & Strategies.

Truth is, most hackers don’t have to try very hard. Use these simple security measures and best practices to protect your business data.

5 tech innovations for business. The future of document management.

See how small and mid-sized businesses can leverage the latest tech innovations — it’s no longer just reserved for major corporations.

The beginner's guide to managed print. What it is. How it works and what you can expect.

What are the signs it’s time for Managed Print Services (MPS)? Get all the answers in this helpful guide.

What you might not know about cybersecurity. Mitigating the risk of cybercrime

Learn the history of cyberattacks and how you can mitigate the ever-growing risks of hackers, malware and phishing scams.

Overcoming the top 5 production print challenges.

See how the latest large-format printers help overcome the challenges of today’s production printers, even for smaller print shops.

How prepared are you for a cyberattack. You cybersecurity risk score. Take the test.

Wondering how your company’s IT ranks and whether your systems are at risk? Take our quick online risk assessment to find out your score.

Shine a light on shadow it & employee risk. View the interactive guide.

Are your employees using personal devices for work, unauthorized apps or poor security protocols? Learn about Shadow IT and how to address it.

Leverage the ultimate search engine tool. How ECM transforms the way you do business.

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? Learn how it works, which industries are best suited, steps for implementation and more.

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Enterprise Content Management

See how the power of artificial intelligence from IBM can help you find dark data within your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and more.

Top 6 benefits of a vCIO. Reimagine your approach to technology.

Can’t afford a CIO? Here’s how an experienced virtual CIO (vCIO) can help your business — far beyond just servicing your equipment and systems.

Know the top 7 signs your computer's been hacked infographic.

Computer viruses can steal data without you ever knowing. See which clues to look for along with tips for preventing hackers and data breaches.

Cybersecurity for your printer. What you need to know.

Don’t forget printers as part of your cybersecurity strategy. Understand the risks and keep your printers safe from hackers and other threats.

Improve your organizations green initiatives.

Take your green initiatives to a new level and save some green, too, with Managed Print. Interesting facts about the environment and paper use.

A strategy for mitigating major business risks.

Take a proactive and strategic approach to protect against cyberattacks, data breaches, natural disasters and more in this free guide.

Don't take the bait. Top 10 email phishing scam clues.

Is that a phishing scam? Here are the top 10 clues to look for and tips on what to do if you suspect an email might be from a hacker.

Business technology inventory checklist.

An easy inventory checklist to document your current systems and hardware and to determine how much support and equipment you need.

Roadmap for implementing managed IT infographic.

What’s involved? Discover the steps to ensure a successful implementation of your Managed IT program with this visual guide.

Cybersecurity tips for employees.

Beware of your greatest security risk… your employees! Use these cybersecurity tips to help employees follow best practices and know what to look for.

The quick guide to print security.

Learn why print security is important, how it works, and what you can expect from implementing a proper endpoint security strategy for printers.

The official guide to going paperless with ECM.

Learn how ECM streamlines workflows, improves productivity and security, and can save money, not to mention the environment.

traditional IT services vs. managed IT services comparison chart

Discover the features and benefits of Managed IT Services and make direct comparisons to Traditional in-house IT efforts.

QUIZ: Is your company a fit for enterprise content management?

If you still have questions about ECM's application to your business take this quick 5-question quiz to see if your needs align with the many benefits.

Beginners guide to cloud computing infographic

What are the pros and cons of the Cloud and the differences between on-premise servers and cloud computing? Find out in this guide.

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