You can have the best technology on the market, but if the processes associated with it are broken, you’ll still be running inefficiently.

Often businesses will purchase and implement a software program intended to optimize a company process, yet that program functions independently – it does not integrate well with other programs. The gaps (and roadblocks) common in this kind of situation are a result of one software not “playing well with others” being used in the business.

The Gordon Flesch Company has deep experience and proven processes to help organizations of all sizes map out and optimize their various business workflow processes and the software involved with each. We get all systems “talking” to one another, customizing the underlying program where needed to ensure seamless integration and overall optimization.

The process of integrating workflows starts with a workshop where our team gets a thorough understanding of your needs and goals, then creates a detailed map of your workflows. We’re then able to develop and implement an integrated solution that manages those workflows in the most efficient, effective way.

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