Purchasing, owning and regularly maintaining your system hardware – computers, servers, data storage and other components critical to everyday business – is not just time-consuming; it’s stressful, too. When you work alongside a partner that offers Hardware-as-a Service (HaaS), however, you put this work in the hands of experts. 

When you work with the Gordon Flesch Company, you minimize your hardware investment and reduce risks associated with properly maintaining equipment. It is an exciting and innovative way to consume your technology resources. Here are some additional benefits of HaaS:

  • You get an expert, unbiased opinion of the most appropriate equipment for your business and its needs. Our team has extensive knowledge of all types of equipment and which has the functionality and capabilities your business needs

  • You get peace of mind knowing that if something were to go wrong – the equipment suffers damage during a weather-related incident, for example – the Gordon Flesch Company will immediately take corrective action

  • You also know that we’re keeping a close eye on the performance of each piece of equipment and will proactively address any need to take action. When your hardware is monitored and managed by experts whose job it is to keep you in good working order, you don’t run the risks of lost productivity you have when your hardware is a lower priority of your internal team


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