How Is Managed Voice Different From Traditional Phone Systems?

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The benefits of cloud-based Managed Voice Services (MVS) – also known as Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS – are drawing businesses toward greater cost savings and advanced productivity features. In fact, surveys have found that 47.3 percent of companies are currently using MVS. This number has skyrocketed in recent years and is expected to grow even larger.

If your business has a traditional land line phone system, you could be risking the opportunity to connect with your customers and prospects. Land line phones have been proven to be less reliable than MVS. Are you willing to take that chance?

If you’re looking into upgrading your phone service, here’s what you’ll need to know about cloud-based MVS: 

INFOGRAPHIC: Managed Voice Services – Chart a Path to Smooth Sailing 

What Is Managed Voice Services?

MVS is a cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which converts audio signals from your internet phone into data packets. The service sends this data through the internet to your provider, which routes the call to the receiver.

This cloud-based VoIP system is then enhanced into a MVS by bringing all of your communication channels into one solution. MVS combines the power of voice, video, chat and messaging together along with a simple and predictable billing structure – all from one vendor.

How Is Managed Voice Services Different Than a Traditional Land Line Phone System?

MVS operates on many of the same principles as a traditional land line phone system, but also includes many benefits that can make switching to MVS a smart move for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Managed Voice Services?

In addition to having a single solution for all of your business communication needs, MVS can give SMBs the same powerful communication advantages that large businesses enjoy, including: 

  • Security – State-of-the-art encryption and security management helps to protect your data.
  • Easy Expansion – Upgrades and user installations are quick and simple to complete.
  • Flexibility – Use a desktop phone, computer-enabled app or mobile phone app to connect.
  • Cost Savings – Save on office space, equipment, maintenance and enjoy lower rates for internet calling compared to traditional phones.
  • Future-Proof Functionality – Your provider installs and manages the newest integrations with productivity software.
  • User-Friendliness – A user-friendly interface makes contacting others, a cinch.
  • Simple Installation – If your business already has high-speed internet, you could be up and running within a matter of days.
  • Advanced Productivity – Enjoy features such as virtual voicemail, call analytics, spam caller protection, business software integrations, call transfers, custom greeting/music, connections to multiple locations and the option to add contact center
  • Reliability and Resiliency – A 99.999 percent uptime guarantee means your system could be down for an estimated average of 26 seconds or less, per month.
  • Enhanced Management Features – An easy-to-read administrator dashboard and advanced artificial intelligence programs analyze data to provide user insights and enable workflow automation. 

Why Should My Business Switch to Managed Voice Services?

If your organization is searching for a way to streamline and simplify your communications, it might be time to switch to MVS.

When you convert to a cloud-based MVS, you’ll give communication flexibility to your teams. They’ll enjoy having choices available in how, when and where they communicate. And cutting the land line phone cord will position your organization to recruit from a geographically wider applicant pool when you offer hybrid and remote work options.

Switching from a traditional land line phone system to MVS will give your organization confidence in knowing that your communication channels are secure, agile, cost-effective and easily scalable. 

Managed Voice Services Provided by Gordon Flesch Company

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