7 Hospital Signage Ideas to Improve Patient Experiences

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Clearly understood communication in the healthcare field is a key factor in patient satisfaction and care, whether in the doctor’s office or throughout a hospital or clinic.

Attention-grabbing hospital signage can help reinforce your messages and encourage your guests to take important steps in their healthcare journey. 

Benefits of Healthcare Signage

When you use signage in a healthcare environment to communicate important messages, you can expect better patient outcomes and:

  • Comply with ADA standards
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help guests find their destinations
  • Improve safety
  • Keep guests from wandering into restricted areas
  • And more

For the greatest visual impact, posters, banners and signage should be printed on a large-format printer. These types of printers aren’t strictly reserved for large commercial print facilities; many hospitals use wide-format printers to produce a range of materials to create better patient experiences.

Need some inspiration? Here are seven helpful poster and clinic signage ideas that can be printed on large-format printers to get you started.

  1. Admissions and Patient Waiting Area Signage
  2. Eye Charts
  3. Disease Prevention and Treatment Illustrations
  4. Hospital Floor Plans and Directional Signage
  5. Event Promotion
  6. Pediatric Ward Decor
  7. Physician and Staff Signage 

1. Admissions and Patient Waiting Area Signage

Clear instructions when entering a medical facility can help streamline and expedite care. Consider including some of the following clinic signage in your waiting area to make a great first impression and instruct guests:

  • Healthcare wayfinding signage — help direct visitors to the correct department
  • Welcome signs — display etiquette protocols for wearing masks, check-in procedures and more
  • Mission-focused signage — include patient testimonials and staff highlights for doctors and nurses
  • Seasonal messages — share tips for combating allergies, preventing insect bites or reducing injuries

2. Eye Charts

Most wall-mounted eye charts are large and meant to be viewed from 20-feet away. They should also be printed on thicker paper that doesn’t allow images or textures from the wall behind them to show through.

Standard eye charts typically can’t be printed on a desktop printer or even many multifunction printers. Printing them on a large-format printer allows for crisp, clean images at a larger scale and ensures the most accurate results.

3. Disease Prevention and Treatment Illustrations

Whether it’s a simple reminder to thoroughly wash your hands or schedule a routine screening, or a more complex illustration of how a doctor will repair a heart valve, visuals can drive home a point and help put patients’ minds at ease.

Examples of disease prevention, treatment and awareness posters might include topics like:

  • Heart disease
  • Lymes disease
  • STDs
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Stroke
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Up-to-date vaccinations
  • And more

Be sure to include a call-to-action on your facility signage encouraging patients to bring up concerning information during their physician visits.

4. Hospital Floor Plans and Directional Signage

Some hospitals have had multiple renovations and additions built over the years, making them feel like a labyrinth of hallways, elevators, parking ramps and corridors. Take a cue from shopping malls and theme parks and print large-scale maps of each hospital floor along with a key to help direct visitors where they should go. You can even print on durable adhesive vinyl for use on floors.

Place these large signs in prominent areas throughout the facility. A simple “You Are Here” marker on a map can help directionally challenged visitors find their way without accidentally walking into a restricted zone or getting lost and missing their appointments.

5. Event Promotion

Is your clinic sponsoring a blood drive? How about a wellness seminar, yoga class or support group? Increase awareness through vibrant, colorful, cost-effective signage. Consider including QR codes to direct individuals to specific URLs on your website where they can register or find more information.

6. Pediatric Ward Decor

Minimizing the institutional appearance of a pediatric ward and maintaining a pleasant and engaging environment for your youngest patients can help boost moods. Consider changing up wall artwork to align with the seasons and keep it fun and fresh. Don’t forget ceilings; some children may spend countless hours in bed and an interactive visual adventure or piece of artwork on the ceiling can keep their minds occupied.

Are there long-term or repeat visitors who’ve created their own artwork or drawings? Scan it and make it jumbo-sized; then feature it in their room or elsewhere in the facility. Creating a personalized touch helps frightened patients feel special and gives them something to look forward to when visiting certain areas of the ward like procedural rooms that might otherwise make them feel anxious.

7. Physician and Staff Signage

Colorful and attention-grabbing signs shouldn’t be reserved just for the public. Use large-format printing to communicate team-building messages or clearly display shift schedules. Did your department receive an encouraging review or note from a patient? Turn that testimonial into a large poster that shows staff they’re appreciated and are making a difference.

Free Poster Design Software Makes it Easy

Hospitals and healthcare clinics don’t necessarily need a graphic artist or design department to create beautiful posters or signage. Those with a Canon large format printer can use their free PosterArtist creation software. It comes with numerous pre-designed templates that you can choose from or you can upload your own images to customize your signage.

PosterArtist’s Auto Design feature automatically suggests a customized layout based on your text and images. The software is easy to use and compatible with most Canon printers including their large-format imagePRESS Series signage printers. Before printing, make sure your design follows any brand guidelines that have been established for your facility.

FREE INFOGRAPHIC: How to Overcome 5 Large-Format Printer Challenges

The ability to print large displays in-house can save significant costs and time, which are crucial in the healthcare industry. But the benefits of displaying critical and engaging information in ways that visitors, patients and staff can clearly understand can reach much further and positively impact overall health outcomes.

Learn about the advantages of leasing or purchasing a large-format printer for your healthcare facility by contacting Gordon Flesch Company’s print experts. We’re happy to provide a free assessment and help you determine which device is right for you. 

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