Does My School Need a Large Format Printer?

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As budgets tighten, schools are searching for ways to do more with less. One way to save is to include a large format printer lease as a part of your annual school print budget. A large format printer can reduce your outsourced print spend and encourage a predictable monthly print budget.

In addition, leasing from an experienced managed print services (MPS) provider gives you the option to add upgrades to a standard agreement such as just-in-time toner and/or automatic security patch downloads.

Large format printers offer unlimited creative possibilities for your school. You can create printed projects to promote school culture, visually enhance the interior décor of your building and more!

Here’s some project ideas that show what a large format printer can do for your school:

  1. Welcome Signs
  2. Banners
  3. Posters
  4. Wall Murals
  5. Floor Signage

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1. Welcome Signs

Whether it’s the first day of school or a Tuesday in February, signs at the entrances to your school are important. Use them to create a culture of inclusiveness for your students as soon as they walk into your building. Also consider signs for your visitors to create a welcoming environment.

Additional signs can be used to guide visitors to the administration office to check in, post signage to direct basketball fans to the gym on game night or to the pool for community swimming lessons. Signs at the entrances to your building will create a welcoming environment for all and will help everyone find where they need to go. 

2. Banners

The bigger, the better. Maximize your visual impact with a long banner. If you are looking for a way to promote an event (e.g., homecoming football game, school musical, spring dance, etc.) printing a banner to hang in the hallway is an excellent visual reminder. Posting banners above a row of lockers, in the cafeteria or other common areas are additionally engaging ways to inform your students of upcoming events. 

3. Posters

On a door, wall or bulletin board – posters are a great printable to post at eye-level. Consider healthy eating infographics near the lunch line, handwashing posters in the bathrooms or event posters near the lockers. Placing handy information right where your students are, will raise awareness and create conversations about the topics that matter the most.

Pro Tip: Canon’s large format printers come with PosterArtist Lite poster creation software featuring an easy-to-use graphic interface and a wide range of customizable templates. No graphic design experience necessary! Enjoy endless creative possibilities. 

4. Wall Murals

Have a big, blank wall? Make it colorful with a printed wall mural! Need some inspiration for what to print? Poll your students and let them have a say in what they will see in the hallway.

You could print a timeline of your school’s history or inspire your students with an infographic featuring alumni.

Printed wall murals are perfect to change up your décor at the start of a new school year. Consider a theme to empower your students and turn it into a wall mural that will inspire your students, staff and community. 

5. Floor Signage

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications for the recommended types and thicknesses of paper that your device is designed to handle. Some large format printers will even print on vinyl – which is handy for printing floor signs (or window clings, mirror clings, etc.) Directional arrows on floor signs can be used to encourage the orderly flow of traffic. Or consider using clings as decoration, showcasing a school crest, logo or mascot. 

Managed Print for Schools

Managed Print is a strategic advantage for schools that helps them cut costs, streamline processes, improve security and provide better service to staff & students.

Because as classrooms evolve, so do the print needs of a school. Download your complimentary copy of our helpful resource, Supporting Current School Initiatives with Managed Print. This handy guide will show you how to reduce paper & toner waste, address emerging print-related security concerns and more! 

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