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How Much Does It Cost to Switch to Managed Print?

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There are two primary ways for a business to purchase and maintain a fleet of printers. One is to buy the hardware and pay or retain IT personnel to keep the devices up and running. Alternatively, a business can hire a Managed Print Service, which will provide the machines you need, upgrade them according to a lease agreement and maintain the machines.

If you own and maintain print devices yourself, you might be concerned that hiring a Managed Print Service (MPS) might be more expensive. The good news is that MPS can deliver significant cost savings – when done right. However, not all MPS providers are alike, and some offer rock-bottom pricing but without the services and support that make MPS valuable. Here is what to look for to determine if an MPS is offering cost savings.

Caveat Printer

A Managed Print Service should offer more than just hardware, supplies and support. MPS should offer continuous improvement, modernization and even help streamline your business workflows.

Unfortunately, many small or upstart managed print companies offer low prices for hardware but minimal support and no process improvements. In fact, many low-cost providers charge customers for things like training manuals and documentation or hit their customers with surprise delivery or maintenance charges. A true MPS is an all-inclusive service that can support all of your print-related needs.

Managed Print should offer one, comprehensive price for your hardware and the software and support for those machines. Installation, service, support (updating software, drivers, security patches, etc.), and maintenance is all part of the package. In addition, MPS should be custom fit for your needs. In many cases, a Managed Print Service provider can buy out an existing contract and take over maintenance of your existing machines. You can replace as many or as few machines as necessary to fit your needs and your budget.

Can You Afford NOT to Use MPS?

If you don’t print a lot or have minimal needs for a printer in your office, MPS might not make sense. But if printer costs and maintenance are an issue, MPS can deliver a new streamlined, cost-effective infrastructure. Professional business analysts should use discovery and analysis software to identify disparities in processes, evaluate your needs, and identify opportunities to eliminate or deploy machines more appropriately.

The reason to consider MPS is not just the convenience of one, single monthly bill, but that it eliminates costs and headaches related to self-managing printer fleets. Consider:

  • 40-60% of IT help desk calls are print related.
  • 17% of printed documents are never used.
  • 90% of companies don't know how many printers they have or how much they spend on print.

For a real-world example consider the case of UW Health, one of the largest hospitals in the Midwest. After adopting our MPS, UW Health estimates the solution has helped the organization recover $300 per device in consumables. In addition, UW Health is producing 10 to 15 percent less waste from abandoned print jobs. Two years in, the printer fleet has been reduced by more than 800 machines.

MPS is also useful for small and medium-sized businesses as well. Velocity Urgent Care is a fast-growing medical provider in Virginia which has grown from 7 clinics to 15 locations in just 2 years. Velocity Urgent Care had 30 printers for 8 locations when we became their MPS provider. Today the company has 15 locations but just 41 machines. By standardizing on multi-function machines and more thoughtfully deploying their machines, the company has learned to do more with fewer devices.

Switching to a modern, mature MPS should offer a cost savings if your chosen provider can offer strategic improvements to the deployment of your printer fleet. In the short run, your bill may go down, and in the long run an organization can discover real benefits and cost savings in supplies, management, IT costs and all the associated costs with operating a printer fleet.  

Today’s Managed Print solutions can benefit organizations of all sizes in unexpected ways. If you’d like to discover the benefits of a Managed Print program for your organization, contact us today or check out our Guide to Managed Print Services.

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