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4 Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Print Services (MPS)

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Chances are, you might not have heard about Managed Print Services (MPS), but businesses of all sizes are turning to MPS providers more and more to help control their printing needs. But before your business can move forward with an MPS program, it’s important to have these 4 frequently asked questions answered.

1. What is managed print services (MPS)?

Every business has a fleet of printers, scanners and other devices used for their daily printing needs, but more often than not, businesses don’t know how much they’re spending on printing each year and optimizing print needs is overlooked. Managed Print Services are a set of services that address issues related to printing to improve workflow and office efficiencies. With a proper Managed Print solution, printing costs can be reduced by up to 30%.

A typical MPS provider will assess your organization’s current printing infrastructure and offer a variety of solutions to fit your needs. Whatever the need may be, such as hardware and printers, toner or software, Managed Print will ensure your print infrastructure is running at peak performance with minimal downtime and waste. After the assessment, your MPS provider will develop a roadmap for the future with regular updates so your printing needs align with your goals. You’ll have access to tools and analytics that will allow you to continuously monitor your fleet and be proactive instead of reactive.

2. What are the benefits of a MPS program?

MPS programs have numerous benefits, with the most obvious being cost savings. After reviewing your current situation and evaluating your device use, output, supplies and purchasing process, you’ll be able budget more accurately and eliminate excess waste. By outsourcing your print services, your staff and internal IT team can focus on what’s critical to your success rather than on printer maintenance. If a machine is running low on toner, or hardware needs to be replaced, your MPS provider will already have received and alert and started the steps to service the issue and avoid costly downtime. You’ll see reduced costs, staff frustrations and operational downtime almost immediately.

Another benefit of MPS programs is security. With the increasing amount of cyberattacks, MPS solutions can utilize different output management software to give you greater control of print behaviors. Services like secured print release, mobile print release, authentication and auditing and scanning security can give you the peace of mind you need to know your information and files are secure and don’t end up in the wrong hands.

3. How will a MPS program integrate with my current infrastructure?

The initial assessment of your current IT infrastructure will enable your provider to have a top-down view and locate areas of improvement and offer suggestions as needed. The services offered are completely customizable, allowing you to choose only what makes sense for your business.

Hardware and software is constantly changing and equipment becomes obsolete more quickly than ever before; an MPS solution will keep you up to date with best-in-class software and printer hardware that will never lag behind. The assessment will help you reduce the total number of devices you have and provide training to your staff on any unfamiliar software or equipment. Whether you have a few printers at one location, or dozens of printers across multiple locations, an MPS program will work with your existing IT infrastructure to make the transition as seamless as possible.

4. What types of businesses can benefit from a MPS program?

While Managed Print Services are most beneficial for document-intensive organizations, the benefits can be seen in any industry. From small businesses to enterprises, educational institutions to law firms, tailored MPS solutions can give you greater efficiency, cost savings and workflow optimization.

To see if a Managed Print program is right for your business and for a free, no-obligation consultation on how you can improve your business technology environment, contact us today.

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